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I Abergwili Horlicultnral…

---.-_------IBreak Down.


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HABBEETE. Tkaciic-s EJJG-INE--Cuivii& ICii,x,Ba.A. fatal aoeldent occprred at Blaeneilgc-ed Lirae Quarries, feboat fcut- niler. from Whitl&nd, on Saturday. The traction engine which conveys the lirao trucks and broken etoaes for the highways through the districts was being utilised, as a amioat^y engine to drive the patent stonc-crushers at the quarries. The engine-driver, r.stneu David James, attempted i-o oil the engine whilst in motion, his fooL slipped, and his head came into contact, with tha heavy tly- whee:, death being ioafcaniaapou*. ii-ecoased .as 22 ■yesra ofrze, and uarcarried. COGOATNR.—Cocoa-Nib Extract (Tea-like). The'choicest.roasted nibs (broken ip Lscyas) of tho natural Cocoa, on beiag cubjeeted to powerful hydraulic pressure, give forth their excess oi oil, leaving for use r. finely fiavoarea powaer-- v.ocoame/ a crcduct which, v/hen prop&rsd wi\.h boning v?ater, nas tho ccnsisi saeo of tea, of which itjo now, vntii aiany, benSficially taking the -plftOO. its active principle, bdnç; a gentle sicrve ctiniidant, suppliOt^ teo ;1seacg oncrr:v without; cnddy 'csccit-nrf the system.. GOld onhriw ?^bel-i-id til?' '.If-ucr.HstC! cbSsm.-it cf your t rj :.■■ r.-r:- tin be eent-pcrt f.r-cr t- ? etcinn".— --•V: }'«('gn<tC'n.. Ltd., f'orntoep^bi" | t


. Regatta at Ferryside. -

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