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I Abergwili Horlicultnral…

---.-_------IBreak Down.


I Break Down. I .MiffhOy is i;6 power of the spade, and thoe who i ti weild ib are tho p: oncers of our greatness. The fear Hiicer-barrowiu," in the earth, and the navvy remove ■noiyrirda? arc She very sinews of the Nation, These iiisa r." cafe always kaep their strength at full stretoh. -j»i;zl Iha- r-cvorest is their lot and full health is -.•jcof;a?ar^' ia a-conriplifhing their daily taakft, and if • «-.fee'; arout-ts/i-Til w'.th Indigostion, Liver Disorders, :v.r.r T-: ;b' i:, r- £ 30 or General Debility, they take T .IXINK BITTERS, The Vegetable "?" now id is The Best Remedy of ailai6uts. We would impress ;ir toilers, generally, of the n i, :,c nd also to thos,) who are in the u, r, > the Market-place that they should ?etB«teber sha old raying Prevention is better than Dlivsi," find th&t^sii 'as it is necessary tj call in a brains and body are over-taxed it dC5ir,hl.P to do all that is possible to keop the syr.te;r. thoroughly up to the mark for every rush of rarnpotiiion and extra labour. You have a regular .Dec'or. have yen fj regular preservative of health to j eavo'ybvt ftor-i t-p Doctor and Doctor's Bills. If not, Lry Gwiiyju J$rrrriis; Quinine Bitters, The Great Tonic Preventative ag.iast Serious Illness. This world- i-cnowred remedy is sold in Bottles at 2s 9d. and 4s 6d each. Beware Imitations. See that you get "Gwilym Evans' Quniias Bitters" with the name "Gwuym Eveus" oti Labe). Stamp, and Bottle. This is im- ) portant. Sole Proprietors Quinine Bitters Man- ufacturing Company, Limited, Llanelly, South Wales.


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. Regatta at Ferryside. -

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