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Llandefeilog Agricultural and Horticultural Society. ANNUAL SHOW AT LLANDEFEILOG. The fourth- annual show in connection with the Llandefeilog Agricultural and Horticultural Society was held on the Red Lion Field on Wednesday, August 10ih. Like all its predecessors, the show was carried out in a highly successful manner. The unanimity and harmony with which alL classes work to make this event a success might with profit be copied by the promoters of similar affairs of a more pretentious character. The locality of the show is far removed from railway communication yet it continues to gain in popularity year by year. Competition is restricted to the four parishes of Llan- defeilog, Llangendeirne, St. Ishmael, and Kidwelly and thus the farmers who support the society are induced to feel much more interest, in it, as they compete amongst themselves, and. have not to face the dis- heartening experience of having their beso prizes carried off by these I professional competitors who are never to be seen in the locality, except when they visit it for such a purpose. The Aveather on Wednesday was extremely unpropitious the day opened with a heavy downpour, which continued with more or less severity during the day. Although this to some extent mititated against the atten- dance of spectators, its effect on the competition was scarcely rmticeable as the proportion of entrants who did not "turnup" was not larger than is generally experienced at agricultural shows under the most favourable circumstances. There were only two classes reserved for Black Cattle, and in these the competition was not by any means keen. Mr R. W. Stephens was the only competitor in one, and in the other the entries did not amount to more than half-a-dozen. Very little interest appears to be taken in this breed in the neighbourhood of Llandefeilog, a fact which may be explained by the general excellence of the pastures in the vale of the Gwendraaeth. It would seem after all to be only genuine connoisseurs who will keep Black Cattle in a district rich enough to support the best of Shorthorns. In the Shorthorrn classes, on the other hand, the exhibits could not be too highly, spoken of The judge—who has had considerable experience of Shorthorns- declared that he never saw a better lot at a local show. In all the bult classes there was a largo number of entries, and the competition was exceedingly close, as several really first-class animals of the true Short- horn type entered the ring The class of cattle in this district is bound to go on improving year by year, seeing that the farmers keep such really fine bulls. The ather Shorthorn classes were also well filled witk good exhibits, the cows and the yearling heifers being particularly satis- factory lots. The horses were one of the features of the show, as-apart from the jumping and tho harness class-there were over 120 animals entered. The carters formed some excellent classes. The brood mares contained a number of animals of a good useful kind, calculated to produce foals well suited for agricultural purposes. The two- year-old carters also deserve special mention, and there was a good deal of competition amongst the sucklings. Amongst several good classes of hackneys, the two-year-olds stood out well, both by reason of numbet and quality. A large number of smart turn-outs were to be seen in the harness classes; and the jumping as usual excited a great amount of popular enthusiasm, which is not to be wondered at seeing that some of the best jumpers in the county are bred in thin locality. Donkey and pony races proved a source of great amusement to many. There was excellent competition in the sheep classes, the rams especially being splendid exhibits. It was difficult, however, to judge the pigs, as under the provisions of Swine Fever Movement Order in force in the county, they could not be removed from the carts, but had to be inspected cooped up as they were. There was a pretty fair show of live poultry, especially in the Minorca and the Plymouth Rock classes. The sheep-dogs were not a satisfactory lot, although a couple of good exhibits were to be seen in the bitch class. The butter and cheese shown were excellent, and the large uumber of really good entries added to the labours of the judge. There was not as much competition c, as could be desired in the dead poultry classes, although the quality was everything that could be wished for. The judges-who by the way gave general satisfaction-woro:-Horseg Mr Robert Jones, Brunswick-place, Swansea. Cattle: Mr D. Burnett, Golden Grove. Sheep, Pigs, and Shearing Mr Stephens, Lan, and Mr Edward Lewis, Cillefwr. Butter, Cheese, and Dead Poultry: Miss Thomas, Aberystwyth. Live Poultry and boys: Mr W. Vincent Howell Thomas, Carmarthen. Horse Shoes: Mr D. Davies, Llanfynydd. fforticulture Mr J. Turborville, the Palace, Abergwili. Lonheys Mr J. Ll. Thomas, Tanlan Mr John Moses, Nantygoitre; and Mr W. Anthony, Cilveithy. The following gentlemen acted as stewards and performed their duties in a highly satisfactory manner, under exceedingly trying meteorological conditions :—Cattle— Mr D Jones, Shop; Nr J Moses, Nanty- goitre and Mr Bowen, Gellideg. Horses —Mr Rees, Ystradferthyr; Mr Davies, Pencelly; and Mr Williams, Cruganfach. Sheep, pigs, and shearing-Mr Morgans, Tynewydd; Mr Jones, butcher; and Mr Jones, Cwm. Butter, cheese, and dead poultry—Mr Thomas, Treoor; Mr Cook, Llettycaru; and Mr Jones, Village. Horse shoes—Mr Thomas, Glanrynis. Horticul- ture—Mr Jones, School House; and Mr J Vaughan, junior. Live poultry and dogs- ] Mr Evans, junior, Glanrhydw; Mr H Williams, Cruganfach; and Mr D J ] Anthony, Cilveity. Mr W. Vincent Howell ] Thomas, acted aa auctioneer. Mr R. E. Jennings, of Gellideg, acts as president of the society for the year asid oti the practical interest which he manifested in the proceedings on the show day, and in the welfare of the society generally, afforded another instanco of the exceedingly happy manner in which the gentry of this neigh- bourhood do all in their power to promote the welfare of the other agricultural classes. Mr John Jones, Cwmburry, as in former years discharged the secretarial duties with conspicuous ability; in fact the great success of the show is in a large measure attributable to the tremendous amount of energy which Mr Jones has brought to bear on the smallest details of his important work. The other officials of the society are the treasurer, Mr D. Rees, Coedlline afnd the vice-presidents: Mr J. A. Timmins, Mr W. B. Lowery, Mr A. R. Gery, Mr D. Price, and Mr H. L, Puxley. The Llansaint Temperance Band (under the conductorship of Mr D. J. Lewis, formerly of the band of the Q battery Royal Horse Artillery) was in attendance during the day; and discoursed an excellent musical programme. I Appended is a LIST OF AWARDS. j BLACK CATTLE. Cow in milk or in calf: 1st, XI, 2nd, 10a, and commended, Mr R W Stephens, Coedybrain. eow or Heifer (in calf), open cnly to those who have not won a prize for Blacks before 1st, £1 (given by Mr R W Stephens), Mr H Mansel, Kidwelly 2nd, 10s, Mr Thomas, Cwmberem highly commended, Mr Walters, Red Lion SHORTHORN OR ANY OTHER BREED. Bull of any age 1st, S2 (given by the President), Mr D Evans, Ffrwd 2nd, it, Mr Evan3, Gwompa 3rd, Mr J Anthony, Cilveithy. Yearling Bull, under 2'i months old: 1st, £ 1, Mr Anthony, Gardde 2nd, 15s, Mr J Griffiths, Gelly 3rd, 10s, Mr Jenkins, Altycadno. Bull Calf, under 12 months old 1st, £1, Mr Moses, Coed 2nd, 10s, Mr Morgans, Tynewydd 3rd, 5s, Mr Evans, Gwempa highly commended, Mr Rees, Ystradferthyr. Cow (except Blacks), in milk or in calf 1st, X 1, and 3rd, Mr Giiffiths, Gelly 2nd,' 10.3, Rev .1 Herbert highly commended, Miss Davies, Rose and Crown, and Mr J Morgans, Gwenllian. Yearling Heifer 1st, X I, Mr Evans, Gwempa 2nd, 10s. and 3rd, 5s, Mr Griffiths, Gelly highly commended, Miss Davies, Rose and Crown. Heifer Calf, under 12 months old 1st, 15s, Mr Davies, Bryncoch 2nd, 10s, Rev J Herbert 3rd, 5s, Mr Griffiths, Gelly. Pair of Yearling Steers 1st, j31, and 2nd. 10s, Mr J Davies, Peneelly highly commended, Mr J Morgans, Gwenllian. Cow in milk or in calf, to be competed for by occupiers of land (except merchants) whose rateable value do not exceed X30 a year 1st, £1, Mrs Jones, Llwyilreos 2nd, 10s, Mr William Beynon, Penyplwf. Best Beast in the Yard: 1st, £1, Mr D Evans, Ffrwd. HORSES. Hackney Brood Mare and Foal, or has had a foal in 1898 1st, £ 1, Mr Thomas, Glanrynis 2nd, 10s, Mr Jenkins, Brisbane House, "Dinah"; highly commended, Mr J Anthony, Cilveithy, Miss Thomas" commended, Mrs Anthony, Penlan, Kidwelly. Cob (gelding or mare), not exceeding 15 hands, to be ridden 1st, 11, Mr Anthony, Cilveithy, "Noyadd Lass" 2nd, 10s, Mr John Francis. Myrtle Hill highly commended, Mr Griffiths, Geliy commended, Rev J Herbert, "Doll." Hackney (gelding or mare), to be ridden 1st, JE1. Mr Griffiths, Gelly; 2nd, 10s, Mr Greenwood, Broom Hill; highly commended, Mr Rees. Ystradferthyr. Gelding or Mare of the Crort breed 1st, £ 1, and 2nd, 10s, Mr Griffiths, Gelly. Brood Mare and Foal, or has had a foal in 1898, calculated for agricultural purposes 1st, £1 (given by the President), Mr Harries, Garreg 2nd, 103, Mr J Anthony, Ciiveithy," Dairy" j 3rd, 5s, Mr Anthony, Gardde; highly commended, Mr Benbough, Ystradfawr. Two-year-old Gelding or Filly, calculated for agricultural purposes 1st, £ 1, Mr Evans, Glan- rhydw 2nd, ]Os, Mr T Davies, Pencelly 3rd, 5s, Mr Williams, Crugan; highly commended, Mr Jenkins, Alltycadno; commended, Mr D EvanF, Ffrwd, and Mr W Jones, Penyback. Yearling Gelding or Filly, calculated for agri- cultural purposes 1st, £ 4, Mr Harries, Gareg 2nd, 10s, Mr Rees, Ystradferthyr 3rd, 5a, Mr Thomas, Glanrynis highly commended, Mr D Thomas, Mansant commended, Mr J Thomas, Blaene. Two-year-old Hackney, Gelding, or Filly 1st, 91, and commended, Mr Jenkins, Alltycadno 2nd 10s, Mr R W Stephens, Coedybrain 3rd, 5s, Mr Bowen, Gellydeg highly commended, Mr Griffiths, Gelly. Yearling Hackney, Gelding or Filly: 1st, il, Mr J Jenkins, Brisbane House 2nd, 10s, Mr R W Stephens 3rd, 5s, Mr E Wilkins, Tyrpwll highly commended, Mr D Moses, Coed commended, Mr J Morgan, Pantybrwyn. Pony, of any age, not exceeding 13 hands high, to be ridden: 1st, £ 1, Mr M Jones, Capel 2nd, 10-s Mr Anthony, Pehlan; 3rd, 5s, Mr Samuel Davies, Llwynygwcw. Suckling Colt or Filly of the Cart breed 1st, £ 1, and 2nd, 10s, divided between Mr Harries, Gareg, and Mr Anthony, Gardde 3rd, 5s, Mr D Thomas, Mansant highly commended, Mrs Anthony, Penlan, Kidwelly, Suckling Colt or Filly of any other breed: ht, 15s, Mrs Gravell, Lord Nelson Farm, Kidwelly 2nd, 10s) Mr Jenkins, Brisbane; 3rd, 5s, Mr Thomas, Glanrynis; highly commended, Mr J Anthony, Cilveithy. Jumper of any age (open to all comers) 1st, jEl, and 3rd, 5s, Mr J Anthony, Ciiveithy, 11 Ability" and "Ploughboy"; 2nd, 10s, Mr Griffiths, Gelly. Jumper under 14 hands, 10s, Mr Williams, Crugan 2nd, 5s, S Anthony Penlan, Kidwelly 5rd, 2a 6d, Daniel Gower, Cwmbuny. Gelding or Mare, to be driven in harness (open to all comers), 1st, LI, Mr Greenwood, Broom Hill; 2nd, 1 us, Mr Griffiths, Gelly, Prince of Action 3rd, 5s, Evan Stephens, Lan, Llanstephan, "Conadant." Gelding or Mare, to be driven in harness, the property of a tenant farmer, 1st, Mr Griffiths, Gelly; 2nd, 10s, Mr Harries, Garreg Mrs A Jones. Rotten Pill, Ferryside highly commended. Mr J Morgans, Gwenllian. Gelding or Mare, not under 3 years old, calculated for underground purposes, not exceeding 15 hands high 1st, £1, D Evans, Ffrwd 2nd, 10s, Moses, Coed j 3rd, 5s, J Jones, Coedadam highly commended, Mr Anthony, Gardde. Donkey, to be ridden 1st, 7a 6d, Mr J Jones, Cloigyn 2nd, 5s,jMr Bowen, Gellydeg 3rd, 2s 3d, D W Drummond highly commended, Mr D Morgan, Cwroisfael, and Mr D Griffiths, Bank- mawr. SPECIAL PRIZES (OPEN). ^uekli°? colfc or filly- got by Mr Thomas,Trecor's Towy King 1st, 15e, Mr Garries, Gareg 2nd 108, Mr Griffiths, lyhir 3rd, 5s, Mr Rees, Coed- lline highly commended, Mr Divies, Brjncoch commended, Mr Rees, Lin. Suckling colt or filly, got by Mr Thomas, Trecor's "Ferry Comet": 1st, lys, Mr Rees, Coedlline; 2nd, 101', Mr II Thomas, Ferryside 3rd, 5, Mr Morgans, Tynewydd highly commended, Mr Evans, Nantygoitre; commended, Mr William Francis, Crugan. Suckling colt, got by Mr Evans, Gellyddu's entire horse let, 4 Mr J Davies, Parry's Castle; 2nd, 10s, Mr Daniel Thomas, Laswern; 3rd, 2s Gd, Mr J Moses, Nantygoitre. Suckling colt or tilly, got by Mr Tnomas Llechdwny's entire horse; 1st, 15s, Mr Jones, Post Office; 2nd, 5s, Mr J Moses, Nantvgoiti-o; highly commended, Mr J Davies, Knockingatone. Given by Mr Morgans, Tynewydd, and Friends. Pony race (open), under 12 hands: 1st, 7s Gd, Mr J Anthony, Cilveithy 2nd, as. Mr Chambers, Llanelly 3rd, 2s 6d, IVis D Jones, Cwm. Galloway race (open), under 14 hands: 1-t, 7s 6d, Mr Morris Jones, Capel 2nd, 53, Mr Williams, Crugan 3rd, 28 6d, Mr Moses, Coed. SliEFP OF ANY BREED. Ram: 1st, 15s, and 3rd, Mr William Thomas, Trecor; 2nd, 7s Gd, and highly commended, Mr T Davies, Pencelly. Ram lamb: 1st, 10s, 2nd, 5s, and 3rd, 2s Gd, and highly commended, Mr William Thomas, Trecor. Pen of 3 ewes 1st, 158, 2nd, 10s, 3rd, 5s, Mr William Thomas, Trecor highly commended, Mr Thomas, Glanrynis. Pen of three Ewe Lambs 1st, Ids, and 2nd, 103, Mr William Thomas 3rd, 5s, Mr Thomasj Glanrynis. PIGS. Sow of any breed or age 1st, 15s, Mr Jenkins Alltycadno 2Dd, 7s 6d, Mr Cook, Llcttvcaru commended, Mr Daniel Williams, Bronyn. Pig, kept by a cottager who does not keep a 3ow 1st, log, Mr William Thomas, Bryncoeh- fach. HOUSE SHOES. Best Fore and Hind Shoe for an Agricultural Horse, to be made and fitted on in the field 1st, [5,9, Mr T Tucker, Hollythorn 2nd, 10s, Mr J Edwards, Llangendeirne 3rd, Mr W Beynon, Llandefeilog. SHEARING MATCH. 2nd, 5s, Mr D J Hugh, Kidwelly 3rd, 2d Gd lr W Jones, Tainewydd BUTTER AND CHEESE. Tub or Pot of Salt Butter, not hss than 30lbs 1st, 15s, Mr Morgans, Tynewydd 2nd, 7s 6d Mr Francis Crugan 3rd. 5,, Mr" Dalies, Bryncoch Basket of I' resh Butter, of not less than 3 lbs, in 1 11) and lb rolIs 1st, 10s, Miss S A Morgans, Gwenllian 2nd, 5M, Mr Thomas, Glanrynis highly commended, Mr Williams, Gletwyn. Skim Milk Cheese, not less than cwt 1st, 10s, Mr Jones, Rotten Pill 2nd, 6s, Mr Griffiths, Gelly. Fresh Milk Cheese, not lees than 28 lbs: 1st, 10s divided to Mr Thomas, Glanrynis. POULTRY (DEAD AND TRUSSKD). Pair of Fat Ducks: 1st, 4s, Mrs Thomas, Glanrynis. Pair of Fat Chickens Is, 4', and 2nd, 2s, Mrs Griffiths, Maesgwenlliau. Twelve Eggs: 1st, 2s, Mrs T Tucker; 2nd Is Mrs Davies, Bryncoch; highly commended. Mrs Harries, Gareg. POULTRY (Livl). Plymouth Rock, co.-k l cwt. of Poultry Meal (given by Old Calabar Dog Biscuit and Poultry Food Company), and 2nd, 2:3 Gd, Mr Harries, Gareg. Plymouth Tlock, heu j cwt. of Poultry Meal (given by Old Calabar Dog Biscuit and Poultry, Food Company), Mr Harries, Gareg 2nd, 2s, Mr W Jones, Tainewydd highly commended, Mr R W Stephens, Coedybrain Mr Rees, Coedlline. Minorca, cock 1st, is. Mr Thomas James. Penfcrepofch 2nd, Miss Davies, Rose and Crown highly commended, Mr D Rees, Cvvmllethryd. Minorca, hen 1st, 4s, and 2nd, 2s, MrT Tucker highly commended (twice), Mr Ihomas JatEes, Pantrepoth Mr J Evans, Star. Leghorn, cock or hen 1st, 4s, Mr D Ile B, Cwmllethryd 2nd, 2s, Mr E Lewis, Panfceg (cock).' Game, oock 1st, 4a, Mr R W Stephens, Coedybrain 2nd, 2s. Mr D Morgans, Cwmiefael. Game, hen 1st, 4s, Mr Richards, carpenter, Llangendeirne 2nd, 2s, Mr D Morgan, Cwmisfael highly commended, Mrs Davies, Bryncoch. Cock of any olher breed 1st, 4s, Mr Thomas Thomas, Gwemeii; 2nd, 2s, Mr Thomas, Glan- rynis highly commended, Mr John Morgans, Llachwedd. Hen of any other variety 1st, 4s, Mr Cook, Llettycaru 2nd, 2s, Mr Lewis, Bont; Mr Thomas, Glanrynis, and Mr J. Evans, Star. Wyandotte, cock 1st, 4s, and 2nd, 2s, Mr D Rees, Cwmllethryd. Wyandotte, hen 1st, 43, Mr J Evans. Star 2nd, 2s, Mr D. Rees, Cwmllethryd highly commended, Mr D. Jones, Bancsyth, add Mr Cook, Llettycaru. Turkey, cock 1st, 03, Mrs Davies, Bryncoch; 2nd, 2s 6d, Mr Lewis, Bont. Turkey, hen 1st, 5s, Mr J Davies, Parry's Castle (only exhibit). Gander 1st, 5s, Mrs Davies, Bryncoch 2nd, 2s 6d, Mr Lewis, Bont; highly commended, Mr Wm. Thomas, Trecor. Goose 1st, 5a, Mr William Thomas, Trecor 2nd, 2s 6d, Mr M Jones, Capel highly commended, Mr E Lewis, Pantteg, and Mr Lewis, Bont. Drake 1st, 4s, Mr W E Daviem 2nd, 2s, Mrs Wiliiams, Crugan highly commendEd, Mr Thomas Thomas, Gwerne'i. Duck 1st, 4s, Mr W E Davies 2nd, 2s, Mr Lewis, Bout. SHEEP DOGS. Given by Mrs Saunders, Glanrhydw. Beet dog 1st, Mr W E Davies. Second prize not awarded. Best bitch 1st and 2nd, Mr D Morria, Cowpark House. HORTICULTURAL CUT FLOWERS (OPES). Asters, 6 varieties 1st, Mr RE Jennings; 2nd, Mr Greenwood, Bloom Ilill. Carnations, 6 varitieB 1st, Mr Greenwood 2nd, Mr D W Drummond. Rosea, 6 varieties lit, Mr Greenwood -,nJ, Mr D W Drummond. Pansies, 6 varieties 1st, Mr Greenwood 2nd, Mr D W Drummond. Verbenas. 6 varieties 2nd, Mr Gre- nwoud. Show dahlias. 6 varieties 1st, Mr Greenwood 2ud, Mr R E Jennings. Pompons dahlias. 6 varieties 1st, Mc Greenwood; 2nd, Mr D W Drummond. Hand bouquet 1st, Mr R E Jennings 2nd, Mr D W Drummond. FRUIT (OPEN). Cooking apples 1st, Mr D W Drummond; 2nd, Mr R E Jennings. Dessert apples 1st, Mr D W Drummond 2nd, Mr Greenwood. Dessert pears 1st, Mr D W Drummond 2nd, Mr R E Jennings. Gooseberries 1st, Mr R E Jennings 2nd, Mr Greenwood. Blackcurrants: 1st, Mr R E Jennings; 2nd, Mrs Charlotte Beynon. White currants 1st, Mr R E Jennings. Red currants 1st, Mr li E Jennings 2nd, Mr William Thomas, Bryncoch Bach. Grapes 1st, Mr D W Drummond. Given by Messrs J C Wheeler and Son. Best collection of vegetables of different varieties (grown from seeds supplied by them direct in 1898) 1st, Mr Greenwood 2nd, Mr R E Jennings, Farmers' and*Cottagers' Classes. VEGETABLES. Celery 2nd, Mr W Morris, Kidwelly. Rhubarb 1st, Mr D J Hugh, Kidwelly 2nd, Mrs Beynon, Tyrefel. Carrots 1st, Mr D J Hugh 2nd, Mr William Morris. Parsnips: list, Mr D J Hugh; 2nd, Mr G Beynon, Llansaint. Spring-sown onions: 1st, Mr W Harries 2nd Mr D J Hugh. Leeks 1st, Mr J Rees, Mount Pleasant 2nd Mr William Morris. Turnips: 1st, Mr William Morris; 2nd, Mr J Rees. Peas 1st, Mrs Charlotte Beynon 2nd, Mr G Beynon. Broad beans 1st, Mrs Rees, Mydiim House 2nd, Mr J Rees. French beans 1st, Mr J Morgans, Kidwelly 2nd, Mr D J Hugh. Runner beans: Isb, Mr J Morgans 2nd, Mrs Rees. Lettuce 1st, Mrs Rees 2nd, Mr W Daniel, Wernfach. Potatoes 1st, Mr G Beynon 2nd, Mr William Morns. Kidney potatoes 1st, Mr D J Hugh 2nd, Mrs Rees. Table cabbage 1st, Mrs Rees; 2nd, Mr G Beynon. Red cabbage 1st, Mr J Rees 2nd, Mr G Beynon. Parsley 1st, Mrs Rees 2nd, Mr D J Hugh. Marrows 1st, Mr J Rees; 2nd, Mr D J Hugh.