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—♦— The Symbol of Strength.

The Fire near the Brewery.

i. Carmarthen County Petty…


Carmarthen County Petty Sessions. SATURDAY.—Before Mr C. W. Jones, Car- marthen (in the chair) Mr R. E. Jennings, Gellideg; and Mrl). L. Jones, Derlwyn. STRAYING PIGS. Thomas Bowen, Tan-Alltygog, Newchurch, was charged with allowing his pigs to stray on the highway. —P.C. Harries proved the ease.-Fined 8s. NO LIGHTS. Mr C. O. Collard, of the Queen's Hotel, Carmarthen, was charged on the complaint of P.C. Lewis, Abergwili, with driving without lights. Defendant was represented by Mr H. Brunei White, solicitor.—Fined 8s. P.S. Thomas charged John Morgan, of the Castle Inn, Priory-street, with a similar otFence.-Defetidant was fined I Is 6d. CHARGE AGAINST A PUBLICAN. John Thomas, White Lion Inn, Conwil, was charged with allowing drunkenness on his premises. Mr James John defended. P.C. William Harries said On Monday, the 25th ult., at 10 p.m., I saw a man in the White Lion Inn very drunk. He was coming out of a passage leading from the side. He fell by the front door. I assisted him to rise he was almost helplessly drunk. I went into the public-house, and asked the publican what business he had to let the man get drunk on his premises. I told him he had no business to keep a drunken man there, as I knew he had been there an hour. He said that he had been giving the man soda water to sober him. Cross-examined I do not know when he went in. I did not see him going in. I was just outside the house, and heard his voice. I knew it, as he is noisy in drunk. I first heard him at 9.15 or 9.20 p.m. It was 10 p.m. when he came out. Miss Mary Ann Thomas, the sister of the defendant, said her brother had kept the house for twenty years. Previous to that, her father kept it for more than thirty years. As far as she remembered, no summons had been taken out during that time against the house. The Clerk You are not fifty years old, Miss Thomas ? (laughter). The witness, being young, took the question as devoid of offence. She did not remember fifty years but so far as she did roaiember no proceedings had been taken against him. Evan James had no drink in the house that evening. A few minutes after he entered, Mr Maynard Howell came iH, and witness asked Mr Howell to take James home. Mr Howell was quite willing to do so but James refused, as he said he wanted to see his young lady. It was a quarter to ten when he went out. Cross examined Evan James could walk and speak. He wanted beer, lint I said he could have soda water. (To constable.) It was you saw him coming in; you should have gone in, and taken him out. It is all your fault. Exa-mined by Mr James John The police- man has many times had a drink from Evan James at my house. P.C. Harries said that he had often been offered drinks there by different, people and the drinks were there yet. He had not taken them. The defendant gave evidence corroborative of that of his sister. He had tried to get James out about ten minutes before he went. Cross-examined by the Policeman It is not the case that Evan James had been drinking at my house all that day. Maynard Howell, Brynchwith, gave similar evidence. He was asked by Miss Thomas to take Evan James home but James would not come. Whilst witness was there, defendant had a couple of bottles of soda. The Chairman Was James drunk or sober 1 Witness I have seen worse many times. Mr James John said that it had been said that it was necessary to prove that the defendant had knowingly" permitted drunkenness. The Bench had to consider whether the defendant, who had for so many years respectably conducted the house, suddenly commenced in this to permit drunkenness in the manner required by the statute. There was no evidence to show that the defendant knew that James was drunk they must draw the line between having had enough" and "being drunk." The evidence showed that on his condition being noticed, the defendant made every effort to get James out. The Chaiwnan said that the Bench con- sidered that the evidence was not sufficiently strong to warrant a conviction and the case was, therefore, dismissed. But in cases when publicans found people coming in even slightly intoxicated and inclined to be noisy, they should use every effort to get them to go out.

Sudden Death near Whitland.

Llandefeilog Agricultural…