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-! Death of Mr Long Trice.


Death of Mr Long Trice. A ENTHUSIASTIC WELSH PATRIOT After an illness of little more than two months, Mr D. Long Price died at his residence, Talley House, Talley, Carmarthen- Jllre, on Sunday morning. Mr Long Price, was fishing in Scotland in June last, when illness overtook him, and he was obliged to return home. From that time lie scarcely once left his room, but, though physically much weakened, he maintained his great mental strength to the last. He was60 years of age when lie died, and his death will cause a great gap in the county where, like his fore- fathers, he lived and laboured, for he was an active man throughout his busy career, and filled a large place in the social, agricultural, and administrative life of the county, and "it may be doubted whether there was anyone who was better known and more highly respected in the western side of Wales. Mr Long Price, came from a fa.mily of lawyers his grandfather, Mr Daniel Price, was one, and so was his father, who also held Uie agency to the Ivlwinsford Estate, a position afterwards held for many years by Mr Long Price. His father, the late Mr Daniel Price, died when the subject of this memoir was y young. The latter was educated at Gloucester, passed his final law examination at. an early age, and became a lawyer of standing repute. He was under-sheriff of the county thirteen times, which is probably a record. He was appointed county treasurer in 188G, a position he held down to the time of his death. Besides filling these otHces, he was magistrates' clerk for two divisions, and probably held this office longer than anyone else in the county. Mr Long Price, however, was something more than a lawyer and an official. Where he lived he held sway, and took a real interest in the local affairs of the district and in the personal affairs of those who learn to lean on stronger men and to profit by good advice. He was with the foremost in securing to the public the advantages of the Education Act of 1870, and founded a school board in North Carmarthen- shire. He was chairman of the Talley School Board for several years, and was for a considerable period member of the board of guardians, and when the parish council was established he became chairman of that body also. His interest in agriculture we have already indicated—it was an interest which profited by latter-day knowledge, and, as he was a farmer on a fairly large scale, he had practice as well as precept for the use of his older-fashioned neighbours. His Shorthorns are famous, and so were his hounds when he kept a kennel in years gone by, for Mr Long Price was a great sportsman all his life. j He had also a strong literary bent, and though he wrote little, that little was good. His translation of Tennyson's Morte • d' Arthur" is a vigorous and eloquent piece of work, while his history of Talley Abbey places in compact form all that is known < about tho historic ruin. By the way, a < portion of the former work was published 1 originally in the Red Dragon, and no doubt Mr Long Price was urged to finish what he so well began. Air Long Price, was married in 18G8 to Susanna, the eldest daughter of Mr William Peel, of Taliaris, whom he leaves with seven sons and one 1 daughter to mourn one whose loss will be felt, 1 not only in the home where he was always happiest, but also in the larger outer circle i where he laboured in many ways to leave j things better than he found them. All the ( family, with the exception of one son, who is in Ceylon, were present at the last scene on j Sunday morning. The funeral took place at Tilley on Wednesday afternoon, and all the gentry and the farmers and the poor people for miles 1 gathered round the grave of one who had j in many ways been the mainstay of the district. Many came from long distances and filled the quaint little village, which clusters in the shadow of the ruins of the ancient abbey, which in its turn is over- topped by the steep mountain beyond. Popular tradition has it that Dafydd ap Givilym is buried in the churchyard in which the abbey stands, and it was in a quiet spot within this churchyard, a spot selected by Mr Long Price himself many years ago, that the latter's remains were laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon. The grave, by the way, lies under a yew tree planted by Mr Long Price's father over half a century back. It was a trying hot day, and as the people came driving into the little village to take part in the funeral their ears were assailed by the long and low melancholy whining of the late Mr Long Price's dog, which seemed to know that it, too, had lost a friend. Among those who were seen in the long funeral cortege, one of the longest ever witnessed in the district, were Sir James Drummond, lord-lieutenant of Carmarthen- shire Sir James Hills-Johnes, G.C.B., and his brother Mr E. P. Lloyd, Glansevin Mr D. Lleufer Thomas, (representing the South Wales Bar), Alderman Gwilym Evans (representing the County Council); Mr David ZD Evans, Llangennech Park Mr Herbert Peel, Taliaris Mr C. F. Davies, Froodvale Mr and Mrs Meuric Lloyd, Glanyrannell; Miss Peel, of London; Mr Thomas Jones, Llan- dovery (clerk of the peace) Mr Douglas Jones (deputy-clerk of the peace) Mr James John, solicitor, Carmarthen Chief-constable Philipps, Supt. Philipps, Mr Hugh Philipps, Mr Lewis Bishop, Mr Shipley Lewis, Mr T. H. Powell, Llandilo; Mr J. W. Nicholas (under-sheriff); Mr John Hughes (late of the Bank); Mr William Griffiths (chairman of the Llandilo Board of Guardians); Dr W. H. Lloyd, Llandilo (the deceased's medical attendant); and Mr R. W. Perkins, Llan- dovery. The Rev J. H. Lloyd, vicar of Talley, officiated, and lie was assisted by the Rev W. Alban Lloyd, vicar of Taliaris. The Rev D. Griffiths, Llancrwys, and the Rev Mr Phillips, Llansawel, were also present. Deceased's favourite hymn, 0 fryniau Caersalem," was very feelingly sung. Wreaths and other floral emblems were sent from General and Lady Hills- T ohnes; Miss Layard, London Mr and Mrs Lloyd Phillips, Pentyparc Miss Rosamond Layard Miss Strick, Mumbles, Swansea; Mrs Buckley, Bryncaerau the Hon. Mrs Herbert, of Llanover Mr Lloyd, Glanseyin Dr and Mrs Lloyd, Llandilo; the Rev A. and Mrs Lloyd, Taliaris Supt. W. Picton Philipps, Mr Lewis Bishop, Mr James John, Miss Rose Buckley, and Major Tudor Lloyd Harries. The coffin was carried by the tenantry and retainers.

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