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Llandilo Urban District Council. j The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Tuesday last. These present were Mr J. W. Nicholas (chairman), Rev W. Davies, and Messrs W. Griffiths, D Stephens, J Price, Evan Jones, and T. Jones. MR DAYILS, TUE CHEMIST'S PIECE OF LAND. An offer of a piece of land from Mr Davies, chemist, was again considered—The llev W. Davies, thought that certain persons were authorised to see Air Davies on the subject.—Mr Evan James said it was the whole board -On the motion of Rev W. Davies, it was agreed that the terms be ascertained from Mr Davies aud Mr Williams, Marble Villa, owners of adjacent property, as to the terms on which they would dispose of certain property. THE SCALE OF CHARGES. The Chairman proposed that the Clerk should write to different towns to know the scales of charges for the supply of water for domestic and other purposes in and out of the town—The motion was agreed to. TENDER. A tender for painting, glazing, and repairing town gap, and oil lamps, &c., for the months from August to May, and fixing three new lamps £ 16 10s was received from Mr J. Davies.-Mr Eran Jones thought they ought to defer it, as they knew nothing of the new lamrs.-The Surveyor said -he had given no instructions as to including them in the tender.—The Clerk and the Chairman thought they had better deal with the tender that night.— The Clerk Baid the tender last year was for 943 188 6d.—The Chairman said that would leave 17s 2d per lamp.—llev W. Davies asked if that were reasonable.—The Surveyor had no doubt—On the motion of the Rev W. Davies, seconded by Mr W. Griffiths, the tender was accepted. WATER SUPPLY. The Surveyor reported that the pipes had been laid and tested to F/airfach, and the work was well up to Tregib. The amount due to the contractor was ;C 117.Tlio Chairman complained —as did Mr Thomas Jones—that the work was not yet completed, and maintained that if plenty of men were put on, the work could be finished in a month. He thought that as a matter of fact 30 or 10 men could be at once employed. The tank should be at once finished, and they ought to give the contractor notioe to have the work finished in a fortnight.—Mr Griffiths wanted to have a rooalh. —The Cnairman said the dry weather was upon them--Tlie Surveyor said he could not get the tank done.—Mr Griffiths wanted it joined at rfnirfach first.—Mr Evan Jones said that if Griffiths drank the water first he would be a dead man.—llev W. Davies thought it was a pity the I water had not been allowed to run waste ocoasionaly for some weeks.—The Chairman said that the Surveyor tuld him he could get the water into the town in a week.-Itev W. Davies said if they did, no one would venture to drink it.—Mr W. Griffiths said he said at the outset that the contract could not be finished in the stipulated time.—Rev W. Davies said the crossing at the railway had taken. a fortnight.—Mr Thcmas Jones said there was no crossing at Llandyfan.—The Chairman suggested they should give instructions to the contractor to i have the work done.—Mr W. Griffiths again advocated connecting the pipes at Flairfach.-Air Evan Jones was surprised at Mr Griffiths talking so foolishly —The Surveyor did not think it was advisable. THE CLOCK. It wass agreed that the winding of tho town clock be again left in the hands of the Messrs Thomas, watchmakers. TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION. Mr A. E. Harries asked for mission to connectpe his new premises with the old ones by means of overhead wires for telephonic purposes.—The Chairman eaid they would agree to enterprise of that kind. "TOUCHING UP" THE OLD MALTHOUSE. Mr Evan Jones wanted to have the old malt house touched up a bit by means of a little oeouung. The men employedby the town could doit.—The council agreed that the matter should be attended to, 0; f. I

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