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..-Presentation to Dr. Goodall.

The Symbol of Streny-tll.


II Carmarthen Borough Police…


[No title]

-----__---Joint Counties'Asylum,…

Races and Sports at Laugharne.

V K U n Y H I D t:.


V K U n Y H I D t:. WSKD FATALITY.—A man named w. i ,Stejl)he!1' ^Fin,g-gardens, Skewen, was drowned whilst bathing at the above place on Saturday evening. Just as he had cetered to about four feet of water his wife who was on the beach, saw that, he was in trouble, and she called some visitors who were close by, and they at once went to him, but death was supposed to be very sudden. His health had not been good for some time. On i nday last he was advised by a local medical gentleman not to bathe, and it is likely that he had a fit or that the heart failed while lie was entering the water. CADBUKV'S COCOA is absolutely pure, and is there- tore the best Cocoa. It is a refreshing, stimulating u an<^ a ni1tritious food, containing no foreign substances, such as kolo, malt, hops, &c. The fact can lot be too strongly impressed that Cocoa must bo un Ldulterated to ensure its fullest beneficial effects Always insist on having CADBUEY'S—sold only in Jackets and Tius-as other Cocoas are often I!ub. tituted for sake of extra profit.

---------Carmarthen County…

New Parish Church at Gwynfe,

.---Narberth Sports.