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Races and Sports at Laugharne.


Races and Sports at Laugharne. A very successful race and sports meeting was held at Laugharne on Thursday, the 28th ult. For a very long time the regatta was the only annual fixture which seemed to attract visitors to the town but now that ihis meeting has been inaugurated so successfully it is regarded as a practical certainty that that it will become an annual event. This is a highly satisfactory state of affairs, for the regatta and the sports need not in any way clash indeed, the events to a great extent appeal to different clienteles. Although heavy rain fell dining the morning, the sports field was visited bv hundreds of visitors from the surrounding districts. The arrangements were well ablv carried ont by the following strong committeeThe Portreeve (Mr D. Thomas); Mr J. Morse, Corse Mr T. Lewis, Llansadurnen; Mr J. H. Thomas, Bannister Mr R. Raymond, Great House; Mr J. Lewis, Malt House Mr J. Evans, East House Mr J. H. Raymond, Honey Corse Mr B. Thomas, Longridge Mr R. Lewis, West Marsh Mr S. Thomas, Long- ridge, of which Mr J. Howell, Osborno House, was the energetic secretary. The starter was Mr Towers Smith and the judges were Mr W. H. Dempster and Dr E. L. Thomas. Appended are the results of the various events THOTTIJTO HOUSE RACE (open), for Horses any height to carry 8st., and 51bs. extra added to every lin. above H hands distance about one mile; 10 entered: 1st, Cl lOs, Mr J. L. Thomas, Pillmawr. Whitland's Betty Wyn 2nd, 15s, Mr A. Thomas, Pentreagle, Mjdrim'e Lazzy Scott; 8rd, 5s, Mr J. H. Thomas, Bannister, Laugharne's Lady Jane. TaoTTixa PONY RACE (open) for Ponies, 13 hands and under; 5lbs added to etery previous race won distance about one mile: I st, X 1, Mr J. L. Thomas, Pillmawr, Whitland's Hetty Wyn 2nd, 10s, Mr J. H. Thomas, Bannister, Laugharne's Little Nancy 3rd, 5s, Mr 1', Lewis, Llansadurnen. 13 entered. TROTTING HORSE RACK (same conditions as event No 1) 1st, £1, Mrs Harries, Railway Hotel, St. dear a' Countess Warwick; 2nd, 10s, Mr Dalton, Red Roses's Scotch Hawk 3rd, 5s Mr T Lewis, Llansadurnen. 12 entered. TROTTING MATCH, for Ponies, 13 hands a -1 "n?,er; weights 1st, 15s, Mrs Harrif s Kauway Hoteli St. Clears' Countess Warwick 2nd, 7s 6d, MR J II Thomas, Bannister,' Laugharne a Little Money 3rd, 2s M Mr T Lewis, Llansadurnen. Nine entered. TROTTING MATCH (open) in Harness, nj exceeding 14-2 in height: let, 10s 6d, Mr Low; Carmarthen; 211d, 58, Mr A. Thomas, Pentre Mydrim'u Lazzy Scott; 3rd, Mr J. H. Thorn, Bannister, Laugharne's Lady Jane. 11 entered. DONKEY RACE (open) distance about half > mile: 1st, 8a, Mr J. A. R. Broadwood, Mansi" Rnh8^6/ l?d'TG\yr Robert8' f^ugliarrv's Bob 3rd, 4s, Mr J. Adams, Laugharne. Se*. n entered. 1 B^cycle ^CE (Open Handicap. 1st £ i 5s, Mr Evans, Aberayron; 2nd, 15s, Iv.r Williams, Carmarthen. Eight entered. ONE MILE BICYCLE RACE for Boys under 15 Ist, 15t3, L. Rees, Carmarthen, aged 8 2nd, Õ8, \V J. Reee, Carmarthen, aged 11. if/^T ^?AkDS ^AT ^ACE (Open Handicap) 1st, T 1 T' R,obe't8' laugharne 2nd, 5s, W. Evans, Llandawke, Laugharne. Ten entered. 300 YARDS BOYS' RACE (Open) for Boys under 14 lat, 4s, Bob Walters, Carmarllhen 2nd, 2s, J. T. Greenwood. 12 entered. I T0LIEN„RFLXANJ)ICAP FOOT RACKS, 120 YAKDS 1st, 5s, W. Lewis, Llanmiloe 2nd, 2s 6d, J Lewis Carmarthen. Nine entered. 100 YARDf; OPEX HANDICAP BOYS' RACE under xv Vs* Da,vles> Laugharne; 2nd, Is 6d, bob Walters, Carmarthen. 13 entered. FINTEK-LKCGED RACE distance. 100 yarda 1st prize, 2s, Williams, Amroth and friend 2nd, 28, W. Bowen, Laugharnc, and Phillips, Red ROSts. II entered. Another correspondent writes Tho only annual event at Laugharne of much interest to the outside public is the regatta, but the sameness which characterizes this from year to year become rather monotonous. A few weeks since several gentlemen, who feel "Teat interest in the prosperity of the towij, met with a view of making, if possible, arrange- ments for another day in the year on which the town might expect a large number of visitors. The result was that they decided o revive the well-nigh forgotten sports of el trotting matches, donkey races it. \t„ sooner was this decided upon than some few t their hearts against this innovation, and oy standing aloof themselves probably thought that the failure of the whole would be successfully secured, and so the town and neighbourhood in future, as in many past years, have the benefit of nothing more th-in the regatta, with its accompanying races on the mud, A:c. Those who took the lead in of:'Ari.ffiiT80' 'Tovw' wore not w oh ?, y tc!givc ui' whc» 11 obstacles present themselves. They were determined to make the sports a thorough success. They had hoped to secure a held quite close to the town, but for some reason the tenant was not willing, probably from conscientious motives, which those who know all the circumstances will appreciate at its true value. It happened, however, as it often does, that this turned out to the advantage of the project. The committee secured far better grounds, fi,Q Laugharne races were held years v ago. imough the kindness of the tenant, Mr Marries, Ihe Causeway, and the landlord (Mr J. A. J», Broad wood), afield near Sir John's Hill was granted to the committee. This field is situated in such a position that all present had the pleasure of having the view of one of the most extensive and varied scenery in South Wales. There was a laro,. concourse of people, amongst them many of the most respectable inhabitants of th^ district. We were pleased to see \f.. p.. wood and family present. He is the la "S landowner 11, the neighbourhood. A very efhcieut band from Llanboidv was in U^aSX1 VlT] at during conspicuous by its ibsenc? _y. "v. I

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