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Joint Counties'Asylum, Carmarthen QUARTERLY MEETING OF VISITORS. The quarterly meeting of the Committee of Yisitors of the Joint Counties Asylum was hold at that Institution on. Thursday, tho 28th ult. Mr W. O. Brigstocko (chairman of the Board) presided. There were also present:—Mr J. V. Colby, Rhosygilwen; Dr Stamper, Pembroke Dock Dr Griffiths, Milford Mr David Evans, Llangennech Park Mr John Lewis, Meiros Ifall; Mr John Lloyd, Penybank Professor D. E. Jones, Carmarthen; Mr H. Jones Davies, Glyneiddan; Mr C. M. Williams, Aberystwith; Rev William Griffiths, Maenygroes; Rev Lewis James, Brynybank; Dr Williams. Drim; Mr J. Howard Griffiths, St. David's; the Clerk (Mr W. Morgan Griffiths), and the Medical Superintendent (Dr Goodall). TELEPHONIC COMMUNICATION. A communication was read from the National Telephone Company asking if the Asylum would havo a connection in case a telephone exchange were established at Carmarthen. The charge for the connection was £ 11 per annum in The matter was referred to the Finance Committee. FINANCE. It was agreed to hold a special meeting to consider the tables prepared by the Asylum Clerk for the building and furnish- ing, and of the amounts which would have payable if the several Boroughs had been annexed to the Counties from the first. PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST. The report of the District Auditor contained the following In the previous financial year the County Council of Car- marthen paid to the Asylum Treasurer a sum of Y,380, being the county contribution towards a contemplated expenditure of £ 1,000 on buildings, which has not yet been incurred. As the other counties have not made corresponding payments, and the basis of apportionment has since been revised, this sum should now be refunded to the County Treasurer of Carmarthen." Mr Johh Lloyd moved that the amount be refunded to Carmarthenshire with interest. That would only be fair and just. Mr H. Jones Davies seconded. Mr C. M. Williams asked the Clerk if it would be legal to pay interest. The Clerk said that there was no legal obligation. Mr John Lloyd There is u moral obligation. The Clerk, in reply to a further question from Mr C. M. Williams, said that there was no legal obligation to pay the interest; but as to whether the payment of interest would be allowable would be a question for the auditor to decide. MrC. M. Williams moved an amendment, which was supported by Dr Griffiths and Mr Howard Griffiths.. Mr John Lloyd's motion was supported by Mr David Evans, Mr John Lewis, Professor Jones, and Mr H. Jones Davies. The motion was carried. MORE LAND. The Chairman said ho had been over the land, and he would not recommend the committee to purchase Rhydygorse. It was good grazing land but he did not think it would be useful for giving occupation to the patients, which was what they wanted. It was agreed, on the motion of Mr David Evans, seconded by Dr Stamper, that the matter be postponed sine die. It was decided, on the motion of Mr C. M. Williams, seconded by Mr David Evans, that the Clerk made enquiries regarding the prices at which a few fields belonging to Pentresil could be purchased. THE ASYLUM DRAINAGE. THE CORPORATION OFFER TREATED AS A JOKE. r. The letter of tho Town Clerk of Carmar- then was read, giving an outline of the Surveyor's alternative plans for the drainage of the Asylum, and asking tho Committee to contribute one half-or Y,1,000, more or less-of the cost of the scheme. Rev Lewis James asked under what class of expenditure that would coine- maintenance or building ? The Clerk: Building. Mr C. M. Williams That would mean a call upon the counties. Mr David Evans said that they could not very vrell vote the money, until they had had a report from a competent man as to what the expenses would be. Mr C. M. Williams We have to consider first whether we will contribute a single penny for drains to a Borough that is receiving all our rates. Mr Johu Lloyd.: Mr Williams is right for once (laughter). The Chairman: My own opinion is that they have not a leg to stand upon. Mr U. M. Williams said that there was a similar case at Denbigh. The Asylum Committee and the Town Council bad each taken the advice of eminent counsel. Both opinions were to the same effect-that the Committtee could be compelled by the Local Government Board to do the work. As the Chairman said, the Carmarthen Corporation had not a leg to stand upon. This letter was only a "sort of a joke," because the Carmarthen Town Council could not be serious in thinking that the Committee would contribute a penny pieco to drain a building that was paying L450 a year in rates without getting anything in retnrn-he believed they had had two or three little lamps. Professor Jones: And a footpath! I think it is doubtful whether Mr Williams' law is riarht. Mr C. M. Williams said it was not his law; it was a statement by two eminent counsel. He could produce the report. Professor Jones said that Denbigh had refusedio do anything- on the matter until compelled by the Local Government Board. The matter lay entiroly with the Local Government Board. The Local Govern- ment Board might decide that the Carmar- then Corporation must drain this Asylum, or they might decide otherwise. or they might decide otherwise. The Clerk That is so. They hold an enquiry and they docido. Professor Jones said it would bo well to effect a compromise in order to avoid ill- feeling bot-voon two public bodies. Perhaps if tho committee made an offer-- Mr C. M. Williams It is tho principle of the thing. The Chairman said that if the Local Government Board insisted on sewers being made, he did not see how the Carmarthen Corporation could resist doing the work. Mr John Lewis thought it would be better to wait until they saw what would be done at Denbigh. Mr C. M. Williams said that the land was saturated with sewage; and it was high time the Committee took steps to have a drainage scheme carried out. The Chairman: Can't we compel them to do it ? Professor Jones We can only appeal to the Local Government Board. Mr C. M. Williams In all similar casos I think they have made an order. The Clerk The probabilities are in our favour. Mr C. M. Williams Suppose we send back to say that if they cease dfjmaiidiog the rates, that we will make the sewer ourselves. It will be quite as good a joke as theirs (laughter). The Chairman suggested that the answer be that it was tho duty of the Corporation and not of the Committee to make the sewer. Mr C. M. Williams: If they are really serious in making the application Mr David Evans: They are trying it on! Mr C. M. Williams suggested that the Committee at tho same time—not that there was any legal obligation on them to do so- call the attention of the Council to the necessity of draining Johnstown. He had not been able to pass there sometimes because of the very strong smell arising from it. Johnstown ought to be drained, if only I for the sake of the health of the Asylum itself. It was decided that the Clerk return an answer accordingly.

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