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..-Presentation to Dr. Goodall.

The Symbol of Streny-tll.


The Symbol of Streny-tll. abmadailanHIS«Jhfv,Syinbo1 ° £ Strength at home and the ''S«rrL ,ei ;yp?n,the °cear WaVG °r in t .■ Ranks of her brave sons in Ezvnt India, or China, the Fame of our country ,s identified with power of will and btrength of nerve — the highest state of oourage that makes hprnno buience is the Handmaid that helps to maintain thia "1 t" standard ot supremacy, and the great gifts of Nature are concentrated for the use of everyone in Gwu vVr EVANS QUININE BITTERS, a Tonic to keep every faculty at its briskest. So don't delay if you fPel out of sorts, but pet Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters which conbainf the strengthening quantities of Sarsaparilla, SaiFron, Burdock, Gentian, Lavender, and Dandelion, as well as Quinine. The Exact -Kemedy you want for General Debility, Palpitation, sleeplessness, Biliousness, Pains in the Back. Kheuinatism, Low Spirits and Depression. Gwilym' Quinine Bitters, The Vegetable Tcnic, not U'UY gives YOU freedom from min hnf-. „„,i VvJ > ,?°.ur. Work» t,la* makes it a pleasure Gwilym £ a is scJd in E°"'« « S is (,d. each everywhere. Should any difficulty bo wul h?fn^ Procuring this Famous Medicine, it hv £ prWardt;d for tho ^ve prices, carriage free by the Proprietors, Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Company^ Limited, Llanelly, South Wiles. ^uriDg


II Carmarthen Borough Police…


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-----__---Joint Counties'Asylum,…

Races and Sports at Laugharne.

V K U n Y H I D t:.

---------Carmarthen County…

New Parish Church at Gwynfe,

.---Narberth Sports.