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Carmarthenshire Bankruptcy…




Cycling. The prize money at the forthcoming Austral Meeting" at Melbourne, is expected to reach t 711. A sum of six thousand, four hundred and thirty eight pounds was distributed in prizes for professional races in Victoria, alone, during the past season. The law for taxing cycles in Holland has now been passed by the second house, and riders v- ill have to pay an annual fee amounting to about 51- in our money. In Germany many cyclists are getting into hot water with the judges, for appearing in court in the costume of the wheel. A lady, attending in bloomers, recently, was promptly spotted by the magistrate and as quickly lined. We have previously drawn our readers attention to the publication All about Dunlop tyres," but the valuable information it contains prompts us to again refer to it, so that those who have not seen a copy may drop a post card to the Dunlop Co. nt 160 Clerlcenwell Road, London, E.C. who will dis- patch one free by return of post. It is only a few weeks ago since a tandem pair by obeying the law inadvertently brought about the death of a pedestrian. They rang their bell and the foot passenger jumped into the course taken by the tandem, was knocked (IoNN-ii and succumbcd to his injuries. The men rendered all the help they could. and at the inquest were exonerated from all blame, and a verdict of accidental death was returned. Now, another case, without fatal results, fortu- nately, has happened in Lancashire, where a tandem pair on giving a warning, as legally instructed to do, caused a horse drawing a pleasure conveyance crowded with passengers to take fright and bolt, an accident probably entirely avoidable if the bell had not been rung. As it was there was a broken bicycle, a smashed up waggonette, a number of bruised and shaken pleasure-seekers, and horses with broken knees and cut shoulders, all from the law-obedient sounding of alarm. Burglars on bicycles makes a sensational heading for an account of a visit of expert thieves to a sequestered private house in the Ascot district. For quick transit and rapid escape with such light booty as cash and jewels, the bicycle is eminently adapted. It gives silent speed legs to the criminal, as well as affording the most enjoyable pastime to those who obey the laws! Who can deny that its attractions are of a thoroughly all-round nature, appealing to every class of the community ? A new offence has been created by the I >orking police, who have summoned an.d persuaded the local magistrates to tine a man, not for riding fast,. i;or furiously, I)or,to tile danger of the public, but simply and solely because he was using the sole of his shoe as an improvised brake while coasting down a slight slope on the road near Box Hill. It seemed to local intelligence, as personified by the bobby, a dangerous practice, but it is in point of fact a perfectly easy and extremely powerful method of retarding the machine, and is much resorted to, without any illegality, by hundreds of riders who use machines without mechanical brakes Jilted to them. England has been losing the leading path records, at a great pate lately, and some bids '■• gaining supremacy will shortly be made, perhaps the most ,ial seiibational performance, which has wiped all English records from two miles, to the hour's total, from pride of place as world's records is the per- formance of E. Taylor, in New York, who has elevated the hour's total to 33 miles, IOn yards, btocksliaving retired, England is looking to Cordang, Palmer or A. E. Walters to accept this provocation from the other side of the Atlantic as a stimulant to show their powers 011 the Crystal Talace tra<-k, and aided by the tyres and paters of the Dunlop Tyre Co. they will in all probability be successful. A very useful adjunct to cycling was invented some years ago allcl it partook of the shape of a water-proof cape or overall which could be neatly rolled up and easily carried on the handlebar or beneath the saddle of one's machine. Many con- sidered the cape indispensable while others—brave hearts? that they were-would" never be seen with a thing." Whatever vaiue may be placed upon cortner opinion one thing is certain that the tourist should never travel without it, for its utility is invaluable. The firing of gear cases is again rousing tome sensation in connection with the pastime and is affording plenty of food for newspaper controversy. One of the chief manufacturers cf the accessory has given free experiments to certain pressmen and while the possibility of ignition in the case of cel- luloid covers has been ably demonstrated, it has also been clearly proved that with care there should be no fear of setting one's cyclc in a blaze. Of course if one approaches too near a pov.der magazine with a lighted match, the odds are very great 011 Lhe lticifer causing some iroubl5. 80 with the celluloid case. if half extinguished matches are thrown upon it, or the chain is allowed to get very dry and set up friction—more particularly when the weather is sultry-then it is very possible that there will be a flare up. Accidents of all kinds will happen if carelessness is indulged. The General Post Office has found the use of cycles by its telegraph messengers not only a cheaper but in every way a more satisfactory means of delivery of messages than any other, and a large increa; e in the number of machines so employed iias been ordered by the executive of the department acting on the instructions issued by the Postmaster General. The G.P.O. has been more than a year coming to the decision to increase its cyclists staff, and now the departure is being made in real earnest, I 2.000 new machines having been ordered for use in London alone. "Y\orkillg men ought to remember the four B's," said u. stump orator at a Co-operative meeting late!.y. Tu (() without. Bikes, take less Beer, less Baccy, and more frequent visits to the Bank." It was an old-fashioned workmen who gave the advice. One \ho has never realized the immense economy even of an "old crock" to a working man savin" his time, and his money, and adding immenselv to his health. For it is the greatest mistake possible to assume that a bicycle is a luxurious pleasure vehicle only. Jn hundreds of thousands of cases it is a. necessisy. as a labour saving-appliance, and a meaiii d enabling a worker to do more work than be possibij could wilboul its aid..



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