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LOCAli INTELLIGENCE. Tim e.s. St. Seiriol, has arrived with elates from Carnarvon for Mr T Davies, <vUay. ME GLADSTONES F L' >' U A L' -FERVLCE Estimates issued ou Saum'sy M-[,of £ 2 200 to cover the cost of Mr MR. E. A. OWENS' Hilda won in the third class yacht race at Tern trey on Monday by She also won at Llanelly on Tuesday hy 29 minutes. I'ltoi'EKTY SALK.—At the Ivy Bush I^oyal Hotel on Saturday afternoon Mr John Francis, auctioneer, sold Tyrheol, a freehold holding in LIanegwad parish, 5a. lr. 10p., to Mr Rowland Browne, Carmaitheu, for iioOO. CARMARTHENSHIRE INVIRJIARY.—The Secretary begs respectfully to acknowledge receipt of the following :— £ 2 128 from Llanfihangel-Abercowin )ld Church; ilowers from Mrs Pugh Evans and Mr 1 Miller, Parnùe: Illustrated London Netes from Mias Hughes, li, East Parade. THE MA KG AM MURDER.—We understand that f kloyd Morgan, M P » has been retained to "f'otth J?eeP^ bewis, who is to be tried at the ;cott, i'ïg Assizes for the murder of Gamekeeper ^caee against Lewis will ba taken first, f.i,enr*n& boa been lixed for next Monday. againet the Williameeo as FowU vfr*tbe fact will thfE be dealt with aboald Lewis be found guilty. I'KiNctliisMAiiK diedshcrUy befoie eleven o'clock on Saturday night. COUNTY GmLS SCHOOL, CAHMAIITHEN,—■■ ihe following pupils of this school have passed the Itcrmediate examination of the Trinity College of Music, held on Thursday, July 21st Gwlaays Evai-s, May Lloyd, Rita Potter. The first two were pupils of Miss Buckley anu the last cf Mr Silver CARMARTHEN MONTHLY MARKET was held on Wednesday. Lambs sold at the rate of 7d per lb (dead weight), and sheep, Cd to 7d. Cows and calves fetched CIJ to £ 12 enoh better class, £ 12 to -£ 16. There wae a good demand for breeding e .fS and store lambs, which fetched good prices. The prices were an improvement upon those at St. Clears the previous day. COMPELLING PATERNITY.—-In crder to keep up the population ot Madagascar vigorous measures are to come into force with the beginning of next year. After that date every man of 2-5 years who is not a father ot a child, whether legitimate or illegitimate, will have to pay an annual tax of lof., while single or childletB young women over 25 years will have to pay half the amount. ECCLESIASTICAL NEWS. The Bishop of St. David's has olEered the benefice of Llaniihaogel Pihcsycorn, Carmarthenshire, to the Rev J, C. Over], curate-iii-charge of Eglwj'snewydd, Cardiganshire, who has accepted it.-His lordship ha, also offered the benefice of Llanbedr Painscastle, Radnorshire, to the Rev. J. T. Beynon, curate-in- clsarge of Llanddewi, Glamorganshire, who has accepted it. Miss B. KNOTT has been appointed an Assistant Mistress at the County Girls' School in place of Miss Gibbon, who has accepted tho liead-raistrcss- ship of the llawardcn Intermediate School, Miss Ki-ott holds the Honours Certificate of the CUR bridge Women's Examination (First class Honours in French and Crrfrman). the Cambridge Se oridory Teaciirr's Ceriiticate (Practical Class I) and the Certificate d'etudes, gained in Paris, MADMAN IN A I-losrITAL.-A madman has been discovered aino-g the inmates of a Ptiris hospital, lie had the curious mania ofsiipping out of bed at lii^ht, and creeping along the lioor from bed to bed fiightening the patients and drinking their medicine Vigilant watch was kept, but the man, whose name is Bryntirz, succeeded again and again to perform his weird round. The climax was reached on Monday, when he triod to smother a man whose death-rattle annoyed hin. He has now been removed to an asylum. THE JUBILEE OF THE LONDON SOCIETY OF COMPOSITORS.—" A Brief Record of Events prior to and since its re-establishment in 1818," has just been published by the above society in a neat book of 161 pages, 8mo demy, and amongst the oilicers of this august society, with its 10,780 members, we notice the names of two St Peter's Ibya." namely LNir James Woozley, son of the kfce Mr William Woozley and Mr David Jones, soa of the late Mr Evan Jones, weaker (who served his apprenticeship at the Reporter office. 1ST. VOL. BAT. THE WELSH REGIMENT H' CO.NIPANY.-Orders for the week ending Saturday, 13th August. Officer for the week, Lieut. A E 0 Norton. Company orderlies, Sergt. C Whiteoak and Corpl. Andrews. Orderly bugler, C L Jones Parades, &c.: Company drill on Monday, at 7.30 p m plain clothes. Class firing Monday, Friday and Saturday, from 2 p.m. Itectuits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7.30 p m Club shoot on Thursday, commencing at 2 p.m. By' order, W BUCKLEY RODERICK, Major Commanding "H" Company. Alit. D. LL. REES having decided to dispose of his business, plaeed the matter in the hands of Mr W. R. Edwards. At the disposal, Mr Edwards was mutually engaged by the vendor and purchaser (Mr Jenkins) to acr as valuer, and on Wednesday, August 3rd, Mr Edwards transferred the business from Mr D Ll. Rees to Mr J Jenkins, late of Ferndale. Mr Jenkins has decided to make a great clearance sale, as will be seen in our advertising columns. Mr Jidwards nas naa mucn I experience in valuing drapery stocks, and in ieeent y^ars he maBt satisfactorily carried cut valuations at several drapery establishments i:i the town CARMARTHEN RIFLE COMPETITION.—A rifle competition took place at Danyrallt Ranxe, on Thursday, July 28th, between the two teams stated bnlow Lieut. John's Team Corporal E J Andrews, 86 Colour-Sergeant Weaks, 78; Corporal Tom Thomas, 76 Lieut. John, 75 Private David Evans, 71 total, 380. Sei-gcant D Rogers' Team Sergeans D HogerB, 7G Sergeant J Saer, 74; Colour-Sergeant \V Lewig, 71 Sergeant C Whiteoak, 70; Private Theo Rogers, 60 total, 351. Winners: Sergeant-Instructor G Weaks, 31; Sr-r j-eatit C Whiteoak. 32; Sergeant-Instructor G Weaks, 28 Corporal E J Andrews, 86 points. LOCAL LAW CAKE.-In tho Supremo Court of J ujieature, Court of Appeal, on the J st August, ioro Lord Justices Smith Higby. and Vaughan Williams, the action of Mr John Carbury Pugh Vaughan Pryso Rice, of Uwynybrain, Car- marthenshire, against David Phillips, of Parcnwc, in tho parish of Llangunnock, in the county of Carmarthen, came on upon an interlocutory question, viz., whether the plaintiff was justified in refusing to answer certain interrogatories, and wlietht-f-bis answers to others were satisfactory the defendant contending they were not. Thia is an action of ejectment in respect of the farm of Parcnwc, in the occupation of defend nt, he having been let in by the late Major Price "Walking as tenant, and he now defends the action commenced by the plaintiff, who is the devisee of hie late uncle, Major Rice "Waikins, for arrears of rent claimed to be due. Mr Justice Channell had decided that the plaintiff was right and justified in the steps he had taken in reference to the interrogations, and from his decision the defendant appealed. Mr Wallace (instructed by Messrs, s'ismey and Siamey. of London), appeared for the defendant in support of the appeal, and Mr J. G Wood (instructed by Messrs Ilelder Roberts and Walton, agents for Mr W. Morgan Griffiths, of Carmarthen), appeared for the plaintiff. Th,) Lords Justice, wore unanimously of opinion that the plaintiff's (Mr Pryse Rice) answers to some and refusal to answer other interrogatives were quite Batsfactory and justifiable, holding that the defendant had no right to any such answers as lie had asked for, and one of the Lords Justices remarked that as had been already pointed out, the defendant really in his datense put forward no affirmative title at all. aud th^t being so he could net justify the interrogatories. The appeal, therefore, of the defendant was dismissed with coats.

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