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Towy Bit-,,


Towy Bit- [BY PLOUGHSO>-] Two thinp> characterize the dwell in the charmin- and picturesque alley of the silvery Towy. l^vo thu make them renowned up aud dowy .lie lan viz., the worship of Bacchus and the almoo divine regard with which the people who have amassed a little money are held, ine^e are important that it would be short of a crime not t<» give each a paragtapn. 'to Feature No. 1 V\'orship of Bacchus. Towy Valley, all things eomuaved, !s tne most drunken spot in the kingdom. 1 •- with shame to mention even the 11^nl rl the licensed houses in salubrious Llanui not to mention the beer stores, gin-snop-j and chemists and grocers who deal largely in wines, ivc. From Llandilo to Llangadock there are four public-houses. The les* said of drunken Llangadock and 2o pubhc- housed Llandovery the better. Add to this the small population of the district and you arc obliged to repeat the above un. controvertible fact. What, then, arc our ,t of all temperance friends doing in the mid'^ this ? Xotliius It is Wilis,»red that there is (or at least was) a liecliabite Tent so where in Llandilo. Llandovery is proud of the fact that there is nothing of the kllld within its walls. Oli Jerusalem, Jerusalem How long will our so-called temperance workers stand pledged to craven silence vr Feature No. 2 Worship of Gold. Ignorant people w ho have not seen mucn of the xde, wide world, are more or less prone to intense (Y* gold-worship. They spend their lives scrap- ing wealth for themselves, and readily bend their knees to any gilded nobody who can command a county house, and a carriage and pair. This applies with additional force to the Tvwy Valley. Here monied folk are held in the same esteem as the golden calf ot old. They arc worshipped as devoutly, if not as sincerely, as the demi-gods of heathen countries. Ignorance is bliss. Dr Lewis, of Llandovery, has just received a magnificent testimonial from the people ot his native town. Dr Lewis is very much loved at Llandovery for his kindness to the poor. The testimonial in some # measure showed the deep respect with which lie is held in the town. Chains may subdue the feshle spirit, but thee, Tell, of the iron heart! they could not tame. CCLTOK BIUAKT. Tliu3 wrote the American Wordsworth of William Tell, the maker of Switzerland unbound. So might be written of the Rev John Davies, now of Shirland-road, London. Llandilo I' tz-; for many years suffered from the Church and landlord screw so much so, that it requires a, lIUIII to stand up and say to the Tory wave, So far shall thou go and no further. John Davies was the first who ever essayed to say Nay to the sweet will of the Tories. Of course, lie was thought lightly of, and generally laughed jit. Columbus was laughed at, but lie found a New World Cortes was jeered at, but he found Mexico Pizarro was laughed at, but he found Peru John Davies was ridiculed, but to him is due the praise for the appearance of that noble edifice which to-day stands on an elevation above the sparkling waters of the Tuwy-the new Board School. And now comes another matter. Since so much has been said and done on behalf of the new schools, it behoves all Nonconformist parents to support it tooth and nail. With all due respect to Mr C. G. Phillips and the Church school, we would urge all chapel ueopVi to send their children to the .board School, where they will NOT be grounded 111 Church of England principles. 1 am very pleased to be able to present R<I'Otier readers with some facts about the new headmaster of thï:.¡ new school. Mr John T. Edwards is a Carmarthenshire man. His alma laaUv is Carmarthen Training College, where lie spent the usual two years. In 1S91 he settled at Aberayron, and came to Cwmivor in The new master is a Congreg ational ist and anti-smoker. The hcaumastership of the new school is such a position as Mr Edwards needs to give full scope to his abilities, and lie will undoubtedly take the fullest advantage of his opportunities. 4. More Welsh is spoken in Llandovery than Llandilo, but it is fast dying out in both towns. The u ch," th," ng, aud other barbaric guttural and nasal sounds are too much for our dainty Welsh wenches and our fast young fellows. **# It is with regret that 1 hear of Mrs Edgar Jones's (Llandilo) continued illness. Mrs Jones is one of the most accomplished Welshmen of our day. She had a very successful University career, knows lvussian, and speaks French like a native. Mr- Mrs, and little Miss Gwyneth Jones, have the genuine sympathy of all their friends and acquaintances far and near. if The venerable old mansion of Yicar Prichard, Llandovery, has just been ruthlessly torn clown, and a Drill llcill been built on its site. This is Welsh with a vengeance. This helps to prove Dr lalmages theory that reverence for the ancient is not a dominant characteristic of the Celt. Might as well put an Englishman to learn Llanfair- pwllg wyngy llugcrchych w yumlrõbw Hant yili- ogogoch," as to get the average Welshman to take the slightest interest in Vicar TrichaixTs house, Twm SI1011 Catti's cave, or the old Roman Camp oil Carngoch. Llandilo burgesses ought to feel devoutly thankful to Mr D. Morgan for airing the now renowned Intermediate School balance- sheet. The persons who drew up the state- ment—for their own honour I refrain from names-thought possibly, that they had to do with simple country babes. Not so fast Messrs

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