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Street Accident at Carmarthen, j A COW KILLS A CHILD. Au inquest was held at the Carmarthen Jniirmary oil Wednesday, at 7 p.m., concerning the death of William llenry Thomas, aged 1. Mr Thomas Walters, Eorough Coroner, presided. Mr David Grilliths, Compton House, wa > the foreman of the jury. Margaret Thomas, wife of illiam 'llioinas, Corporation labourer, ;8, Mill-street, said she was the mother of the child, which would have been live yeai b old 011 the 18th September next. The accident happened on the 2(Jth ult. at 5.30 p.111. She was standing 011 the door-step, and saw the little boy in the street playing. The cow came running up and knocked the child down the horns caught the child by the head. She sen t for Dr Dowen Jones, who attended to the deceased as he became worse, he was sent to the Infirmary on the following Tuesday. The cow came running up Mill-street from Chequer's Alley. Edward Barry, 2, Mill-street, hawker, gave corroborative evidence. He was standing close to his own door and saw the cow. There was a bit of a scuffle between two women going oil there was a lot of people there. Then he saw the people running and he thought the police had come (laughter). He stood his ground as he was doing nothing out of the way (laughter) Then lie saw that it was a cow running at full speed, then lie drew back and went up a little step next door-David Jones'. He then saw that she was pointing at him and he lifted himself up a little more. He then saw her making for the little boy, and knocking him down. She touched the child with her horns. She was foaming at the mouth. The next thing he saw was that Mrs Thomas was taking the el child into the house. John Owens, 32, Hicllluoml- tcrrace, butcher, said I was fetching a cow into town on the 2Gth ult from the station. I was taking hcr to the slauarhter-house.- The father of the witness, interrupting, said that the cow came from Cardiganshire. It fead been six hours in the truck by itselt. He had trucked it at Pcncader. -A cow by itself was more wild than with others it was a bad time to take her out, when there were so many people about, The Coroner \ou arc saying as much as you can against yourself. The witness, John Owens, continuing, said that his cousin, Willliam Williams, helped to get the cow out. This was about 5.30 p.m. She was quiet enough at the station. They met a man with a cart. and the man struck her with the whip. Then a woman in Bridge-street waved her white apron at her when she bolted, and the animal ran along the Quay. He next saw her in Gas-lane. She had not gone over the Quay at a fast rate she was frightened at the people. He had directed her up Bridge-street but tho woman with the white apron turned hor. She ran along the Quay at a trot too fast for him to overtake He saw her turning the Corporation weighing machinc, wheu he was by Mr Davits'? the slate merchant. By the Coroner We sometimes lead animals — but only when we know they are wild. It is more likely that an animal will bo wild coming by itself than with others. When a cow runs loose she is a most dangerous animal. Mr Owen, senior, in answer to Mr C. II. Carpenter—one of the jurymen-said that when the cow was at Pencadcr she was very quiet. He could bring people to prove that. He took etpceial care when » cow was wild not long ago he had had one fastened behind a railway waggon and brought through the utreets that way. Dr. D. lloes Thomas, the house sun-eon at the Carmarthenshire Infirmary, said Last ni'ht between 8 and 9 o'clock the child was admitted. He was suffering from lock jaw. That is as a rule caused by all injury to the spinal coixl it is ctiuscd by a bacillic^, which in this ease probably entered duinig the accident. He died between three and four o'clock this morning. The Coroner, in liis summing up, said that Mr Owens could not, of course, have had any idea that such an accident would happen but the question which they might consider was whether something could not be done to prevent such an accident in the future. lie did not know whether there was anything ill the Borough bye-laws regarding cattle to be led but it was open to the jury to make a suggestion that animals being brought through the streets would have to be undei better control. He did not know whether the adoption of such a bye-law would inter- fere materially with the business carried on by Mr Owens and others it was for the jury to say if they thought that such a rule should be adopted. The jury returned a simple verdict of Accidental Death." They made 110 recommendation.

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