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Carmarthenshire Bankruptcy…





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-¡. (i ran (I Sports and Conversazione at Carmarthen. | fUn Lank Holiday, as a result of the Town's Meeting recently held at the Town Hal), grand sports and bieycle races were held on the Railway Tavern field, Lamnias- street, and an open air Conversazione at the Market-place in the evening and, thanks to the efforts ot those concerned with their management, the events turned out lllü:,t successful. The grass track had been put in good condition by the use of the Corporation steam roller, and the several bicycle raccs- both heats and finals—were well contested, good finishes being the order of the day. b b The foot events, which were run between lines—with the exception of the 44o-were also well contested, and created much cxcitement, there being several popular wins. The entries numbered 170, and the com-j petitors hailed from various parts of poutn Wales. Considering the number of similar meetings held in various parts of the country on the same day, this number was highly satisfactory. The field had been gaily decorated with flags, a grand stand had been provided, and the usual concomitant elements of a spor, s meeting were present. There was a large attendance, amongst those present being the President (Mr H. Brunei White, mayor), and family and some of the leading families of the town. The duties of judges were performed by Mr Charles Jones, Castle Tobacco Factory, and Mr A. Owen Norton, while that of starter was undertaken by Mr John Jenkins, King-street. The other officials were :— Timekeeper Mr John Williams. Clerks of the Course Mr W. W. T. Prosser, Mr W. Spurrell, Mr James Davies, Mr T. W. Francis, Mr C. H. Portnell, Mr 13. A. Lewis, Mr W. King Morgan, and Mr R. W. Ward. Lap scorers Mr E. Morris, Mr W. E. Williams, and Mr Herbert W. Davies. Result indicator clerk Mr J. F. Lloyd. Handicappers Mr Evan Morris and Mr Herbert W. Davies. Committee Messrs T. Bland Davies (Chairman), E. Colby Evans, J. D. Evans, D. E. Jones, Evan Morris, Herbert Jones, George R. Lewis, W. Bartlett, Herbert A. Williams, W. INI:T. Prosser, B Spivey, Herbert W. Davies, W. E. Williams, William Isaac, W. Spurrell, Lewis Giles, E. R. Evans, G J. Hodges, J. R. Lewis, and Harry Lewis. The secretarial duties were carried out by Mr A. J. Jones, Carmarthen House, and Mr C. Haydn Williams, and the unqualified success of the day's proceedings proved how assiduous they worked. The band of the 1St Y.B. the Welsh Regiment (H and I Companies), under the leadership ot Mr John Jones, performed a splendid programme of music on the field, and added to the enjoyment of the pro- ceedings. Appended are THE RESULTS. One Mile Bicycle Race (open to competitors who have never won a prize in any cyolo race) -First heat-1, David Jones, Glyneiddan, 50 yards 2. Oliver Jones, Porth, scratch 3, W E Davies, Carmarthen, 53 yards. Second heat—1, H A Dickinson, Llanelly, 10 yards; 2, J Owen, Cardigan, 50 yards 0, D Thomas, Llanarthney, 25 yards Third heat—1, Ivor P Thomas, Cardigan, 50 yards; 2, John D Jones, Glauamman, 15 yards 3. Jack Walters, Carmarthen, 40 yards. Fiiial-1, JE1 10a, Ivor P Thomas 2, £ 1, J Owen 3, 10s, D. Thomas. 120 Yards Boys' Itace (under 11 years). 1, C James, Carmarthen, 7 yards 2, W T John, Car- marthen, 2 yards 3, J T Greenwood, Carmarthen, scratch. 120 YaTds riat Knee Handicap (open).—Tirst heat-I, Jim Davies, Penrhiw, Carmarthen, 10 yards 2, J M Williams, Carmarthen, I yards 3, F Thomas, Llanreath, 4 yards Second heat-I, J Phillips, Carmarthen, 10J, yards 2nd, P.C. AV Jones, Carmarthen, 11 yards 3, D J Jenkins, Loughor, 51 yards, and Lewis Walters, Treherbert, n yards (dead heat). Third heat-1, W Davies, Aberavon, 8 yards 2. R B Parry, Carmarthen, 4 yards 3, J Rees, Carmarthen. 6 yards. Final— 1, M. R B Parry 2, jC2, Jim Davies.; 3, £1, J Phillips. One Mile Bicycle Race (open to competitors who had never won a first ptize at any meeti-,ig).- First heat-I, Bertie Andrews, Carmarthen, 15 yards 2, H A Dickinson, Llanelly, 40 yards 3, J Owen, Cardigan, 30 yards. Second heat-I, Willie Hughes, Pontardulais, 35 yards 2, John D Jones, Glanamman, 15 yards; 3, D G DaTiee. Pontycymmer, 35 yards. Third heat-I, T C Cameron, Bridgend, 30 yards 2, Daud Thomas, Glenbedw, 25 yards 3, Tom Copp, Neath, 10 yards. Final—1, £ 2, Willie Ilnghes 2, £ 1, H A Dickinson i 3, 10s, J Owen. -yo 1 m l -i-k TT_1: 1. 1. dJU xaraS r iau -twice —x iiDM heat— 1, W P Elias, Carmarthen, 25 yarda 2, J Lewis, Carmarthen, 30 yards 3, Lewis Parry, Lewis, Carmarthen, 30 yards 3, Lewis Parry, Neath, 5 yarda. Second hoat-I, Jim Davies, Penrhiw, 30 yards 2, Evan Davi., Llacllwni, 15 yards 3, W Davies, Aberavon, 25 yards. Final— 1, JE3, J Daviet3 2, £1, W P Elias 3, 10s, Evan Davies. Two Mile Bicycle Raco Handicap (open).—First heat-1 H F Davics, Carmarthen, 70 yards 2, T Copp, Neath, 135 yards 3, II A Dickinson, Llanellv, 13u yards. Second heat-1, Ivor 1 Thomas, Cardigan, 110 yards 2nd, J Jones, TTavnd Pontypridd, scratch 3, L Stevens, Briton Ferry, 85 yards.-Final-1, X"3, I P Thomas 2, £ 1 10s, J Jones 3, 10s, H F Davics. 120 Yards' Hurdle Race (open).—First heat—1, H Lewis, Carmarthen, 9 yards 2, T Thomas, Johnstown, 12 yards 3, T J Youatt, Neath, G yards. Second heat—1, P.C. W Jones, Carmar- then 12 yards 2, C J Bevan, Treorky, scratch 3 J M Williams, Carmarthen, 9 yards. Third jj'eat—1} J Daviea, Penrhiw, 10 yards 2, D Francis, Upper Loughor, 3 yards 3, J Phillips, Carmarthen, 11 yards. Semi-final- First heat- P.C. '\V Jones 2, H Lewis. Second beat—1, J Daviea; 2, T Thomas. Final-1, Z2, J Davies; 2, £1, T Thomas 3, 10s, P.C. W Jones. Three Mile Bicycle Race (open).—First heat—1, J Jones, l'ontypiidd, scratch 2, II F Davies, Car- marthen, 116 yards 3, E Stevens, Briton Ferry, 135 yards. Second heat —1, Hugh Jones, Cardigan, 160 vards 2, W Hughes, Pontardulais, 1^0 vards o,'Bertie Andrews, Carmarthen, 110 yards. Final-1, £ 5, H F Davies 2, r2, J Jones 3, 1, E Steyens. Half-Mile Bicycle Race (open to boys under 10 \-nars)—1, ill. D J Griffiths, Caymsrihen. û5 yards 2 10s Iorweth J Thomas, Carmarthen, 75 yards ■A 5s' W J Rees, Carmarthen, 00 yards. An objection was laid against the winner on the ground that he was over age. Obstacle Race—1, los, D J I-raiieii, Llaneamlet 2, as, J M "Williams, Carmarthen 3, 2s lid, J Lewis, Carmarthen.

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