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Carmarthenshire Bankruptcy…





-1' Llandilo Athletic Sports. The above annual meeting for athletic sports and brass band contest was held on Bank Holiday at the Cilcennen Field, kindly lent by Councillor Grifliths, J.P. The weather was all that could be desired. There was a large intlux of visitors, and consequently an excellent attendance. The Tunning events drew a fair number of entries, but the brass band competition was rather disappoint- ing, only three bands having entered. The adjudicator in the brass baud contest was Air Jessie Manley, Aberdare, and his awards were Quick iitep march: 1st, Trebanws 2nd, Llan. samlet. Selection: 1st, Tonyrefail; 2nd, Trebanws 3rd, Llansarolet, Best euphonium player, Mr Thomas Daviea, Tonyrefail. The events resulted at, follows :— 120 Yards Flat Handicap Firet Heat, 1st, 1' L Hopkins, U.C.P.A.C., 11 yards 2nd, AVilliam Williams, Llandilo, 8 yards. Second Heat, 1st, It 0 Daviea, Llandilo F.C., 11 yards 2cd, E Durk, Swansea A.A.C., lo yards. Third Heat, let; J P Davies, Llandilo E.G., llj. Yards 2nd, T E Osborn. Swansea A.A.C., 11 yards. Final Heat, 1st, Hopkin 2nd, R 0 Davies 3rd, Williams. 120 Yards Flat Handicap for Boya .1st, Alfred L fhomae, 27 yards 2nd, Willie Oxenham, 13 yards 3rd, Eddrie Putt, U yavdd. 1-10 Yards Flat Handicap 1 irat Heat, ist, Tom Davies, Skewen F C., yarde; 2nd, n 0 Davies Llandilo F C., 31 yards, 3rd, Erneet Durk, Swansea A.A.C., 38 yards; econd Heat, lut, William Williams, Llandilo, v yaidB; 2nd, P L Hopkins, U.C.P.A.C., 28 '» old> Johu 1 Da»ie», Llandilo F.C., 01 yards. Final Heat, Is;, Tim Davies 2nd, IIopkiuB 3rd, J uavies. back "Race l6t, John lticbards, Old B.9I3 i'.O. 2ud, Ernest Durk, ^wansga A.A C. 3o0 Yards Hurdle Handicap I?'166 l^at, D Jones, Llandilo, 12 yards (only one that ran). Second Heat, 1st, Dewi Reee, Glauamman, 12 yards 2nd, Tom Davies. Skeweu F.C., 12 yards, Third liett-, Jack Itocs, BrynaaUtla1, 13 yards. Final Heat, 1st, Dpwi Heesj 2nd, Jack Davies 3rd,. Tom Davies. Obstacle Ivace 1st, R 0 Davies, Llandilo F.C. 2nd, John P Davies, Llandilo F.C. 3rd, W. J. Prescott, Llandilo A.A.C. One Mile Flat Handicap 1st, P L HopkiDS, U.C.P.A.C., 130 yards 2nd Harry Bentley, Skewen F.C., 17--> yards; 0rd, Hcdley John' Swansea A.A.C, 130 yards.


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: - - Street Accident at Carmarthen,…

---------Local Fairs for August.



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