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There is Only One,

Carmarthenshire Uuarter Sessions,


Carmarthenshire Uuarter Sessions, The Carmarthenshire Court. was held at the Carmarthen UuildluJI, on Friday, when Co onci Gwynne Hughi s, Glancothi, r esided m ine absence of the chairman (Ear ( .wdor) -Ine application of -Miss Ivyant, f -merly matron at Carmarthen Prison,for ailin, .eased mtl". of pension, namely, two-thirds of her salary, was again considered. At th.; April Coiut the question was deferred because the Prison Committee had not recommenced the sanction of theapplication according to statute and a certificate of age lad not been pres- fVifi "i T,1:ese conditions having now been tuitillea the application was granted. A letter was read from the clerk of the Peace for Worcestershire, staging that. Mr J. W. rorbes, formerly governor of her Majesty's I nson, Carmarthen, now resident, at Wor- cester, had made an application for a retiring pension at the rate of two-thirds of his salary .Mr Forbes had served at Hollo way, Worcester Carmarthen, and other prisons, and the Wor' ccstershire Cotirt now called upon each county to contribute towards the pension pro rata with the number of years Mr Forbes had served at each place. It was agreed to accede to the demand.



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Carmarthen Hounds. -

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