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Elementary veliools in Wales.



LLAXDILO. SPBINO FAIR AT LLAXDILO.—The usual spring fair was held at Llandilo on Saturday. There was a fairly good demand, but prices were not up to the usual standard. THE BIBLE SOCIETY.—The annual meeting of the Llandilo Anxilary of the Bible Society was held at the Drill Hall en Monday evening. In the unavoidable absence of the Rev Jacob Pritchard, the announced chairman, the chair was occupied by the Rev W. Davies. Tho introductory services were undertaken by the Rev John Davies. The Rev Cyndyllan Jones, agent of the society, delivered an address, for which, 011 the motion of the Chairman, seconded by the Rev D. B. Jones, he was accorded a hearty vote of thanks. DEATH or \1R RKES DAVIES.—By the death of Mr Reea Davies, New-road, the town has lost one more of its old inhabitants, as had he lived to Whit-Monday he would havo attained his 88th birthday. He wes connected with a trade that has vanished from Llandilo, viz, the malting trsde, having tnen in the employ of the late Mr D. Lewis, ag w ll us in that of his father. The deceased was greatly respected. IXFIKMAUY DAY.-Tiis was held on May 14th (fair day), on which day it was held for the first time last year. Then it was more or less an experiment, but hating been so successful, it may be taken for granted that it will now be an annual institution. For pedestrians, who were supposed to have any superfluous cash, it was almost a case of your money or your life" on Saturday, so persistent were tho fair beggars. However, they were rewarded by being ab!e to han i over the sum of £ 35 odd to a deserving institution. DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. cured at the patient's homy. This Illustrated Edition also treats on the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma Extreme Stoutness. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Rheuma tism by M :dico-EIectncity.—4d C. D. BBIQKI Publisher, S, Tavistocke Place, Loudon, W.C. 1 ENGLAND'S GLOlY MATCHES. Save the E DOZEN WRAPPERS and send for particulars of PRIZES toS. J. ArORELANDand Sons, EngJand Glory Match Works, Gloucester. The above brand of matches are made entirely of BRITISH LABOUR V ERRYSIDE. SALL OF FARMING STOCK.-An impor- tant sale of Jersey cows, calves, pedigree hackney and other horses, sheep and lambs, the property of Mr James Brogden, of Iscoed and Porthcawl, took place on Tuesday last, the 17th inst., the auctioneer being Mr John Francis, Carmarthen. The prices realised were very fair. For cattle the highest prices were 15 guineas and 141 guineas respec- tively for "Priiiia Donna," a cross-bred Jersey and Red Pull Cow, sire Heneford, dam by Dexter; and "Muss II," a pedigree Jeresy heifer, sire Marshall, dam Muss by Pan. Horses secured 40 guineas and down- wards, the principal were as follows "Madcap," brown mare, 1893, "Confidant" 40 guineas, knocked down to Mr Jones, Manoravon. "Hercules,' brown gelding, 1894, Confidant, 39 guineas. Busybody," bay mare, 1S94, Market Day, and foal went for 34 guineas. Haidee," bay mare, 1894, Market Day, and foal sold for 26 guineas. "Vesta," bay mare, 1894, Market Day, in foal, 33 guineas. All the above had been wintered out and were now being broken in. 0 CADBURY'S COCOA is absolutely pure, and is there- fore the best Cocoa. It is a refreshing, stimulating drink, and a nutritious food, containing no foreign substances, such as kolo, malt, hops, &c. The fact can not be too strongly impressed that Cocoa must be un adulterated to ensure its fullest beneficial effects I Always insist on having CADBURTC'S—sold only in Packets and Tins-as other Cocoas are often sub- stituted for sake of extra profit. rpO THE DEAF.—A rich lady having been cured I of her Deafness and Noises in the Head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums has sent £1,000 to his Institute, so that Deaf persons unable to procure the Ear Drums may do so free. Apply by letter to B. L. Z. Hale, Secretary to the Institute, JJ0, St. Bride-street, London, E.C. o THE BEST and 8ma.ll Tasting Sample Fro« on receipt of TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE; 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. IS THE THE BEST AT HOM& OR ABROAD, ..r Iggk tJc Other Extract makes Beer MBS Delicious Coffc* ct one Farthn-S MSB your Grocer, 0r Store fl'r a ed., 1, 2i6, 6/. vttk. Small Tasting Sample Free on receipt of rA^rnnv 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. r T~r, Factory— Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS. | | Bioomsbury Works, LEEDS. | IF YOU REQUIRE PRINTING OF ANY DESCRIPTION SEND YOUR ORDERS TO THE "Reporter" Office. .t> ATTRACTIVE, CHEAP, AND EXPEDITIOUS. r


Nature's Own Remedy.


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