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W HIT LAND. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL MANAI-KRS' MEET- INGS.- The managers held two meetings—one on Tuesday to meet Mr Owen Owen, the chief inspector, on his visit of inspection to the school, and another on Wednesday to make the arrangements for the annual scholarship examination, when the following managers were •—M'' H. Lawrence (chairman), Rev D. Jones, Mr P. X. Owen, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Thomas, Mr Scourfield, Mr Phillips, and Mr B. T. Davies.-Tlie Chief Inspector stated that he was highly pleased with the working of the school, and the f discipline was exceedingly good he was also very pleased with the new sehool buildings, but pointed out the laboratory, laundry, and kitchen required fittings, and more furniture in the way of desks, &1:" for the masters, and also more for the pupils, etc. The play- grounds, too, required completion, and put in a state that the pupils could be drilled upon it.—The Chairman explain that they had been unable to obtain the furniture, Arc. to complete the grounds through lack of funds, having appeared as a deputation before the County Governing Body for additional funds for the purposes named, and if they would succeed they would at once carry out the necessary requirements.—The Inspector said he could'fully sympathise with the managers, and regretted that the scnools should be hampered in their work for lack of funds, which would continue until a penny rate was made, so as to place the schools in a bettcr financial position. The Inspector explained the different sections of the scheme in the working of the school, especially J'/ the scholarship and bursary questions, and hay- ilia: thanked the managers for their attendance, withdrew.— Mr ii. J. H. Lawrence, the Chairman, presented the school with two large magnificent steel engravings (artists' proofs), value ten guineas each, entitled The Serpent in the ■wilderness," &c., which he begged the managers to accept on behalf of the school, which they did by passing a resolution re- turning their thanks and appreciation of the I ye I valuable gift the Chairman had presented to the school, one which other gentlemen would do well to emulate and not only in that respect, but also in his untiring zeal and faithfulness in discharging his duties as chairman of too school, being present at every meeting of managers sinco its 0 formation—nearly four years ago. Arrange- ments for the next entrance scholarship examination were completed, which will be held at two centres, viz., at the Intermediate School; Whitiand, where Mr 1). T Davies will act as procter, and at the Glasfrj n Board School, St. Clears, where -Mrs 1 homas, The Croft, St. Clears, will be the procter. Saturday, the 25th June, 1898, has been fixed for the examination, but candidates will be required to send in their names to the secretary on or before the I8lli June, 1898 (see advertisement). Ten cholarslrps will be oftlred-fi ve for the Whitiand school district, and five for the St. Clears district, being school free for tne year, but which can be augmented by the managers when con- sidered necessary. Bursio ies will also be granted to those regaining same. Each case will be considered on its merits by the managers. Applications should be made to the secretary. Mr T. C. Rees. who has given tho greatest satiscaction to the managers, was again re-ap. minted examiner. ?I n I? you recuire WEDDING -AKDS, call at the Reporter" Office, A nice selection to choose from, Cheap prices.


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