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There is Only One.


There is Only One. There iii only oue First" in a race, and it is acknowledged, without doubt, that GWILYM QUININK BITTERS is The Remedy of the Age for Weakness, Nervousness, Indigestion. Loss of Appetite, Impure Blood, Chest Affections Low Spirits, and Influenza. This Remedy of World-wide Fame strengthens that part of the system which is weakest or has been weakened by disease, and therefore more liable to colds and their attendant lihnents, it purifies the blood and stimulates the circulation, assists and promotes digestion, and improves the appetite, it braces the nerves and fortifies the muscles, rouses the sluggish liver and thus enlivens the spirits, it removes all impurities and obstructions from the human body, and gives tone to the who!e system. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, The Vegetable Tonic, is purely \egetable, and suitable to all ages, from the infant to the adult, and confidently recommended to those who have to devote themselves to studyjaud brain work, to all who work long hours in close rooms, to those who breathe impure air, and all who have to stand exposure of the weather. If given a fair trial of its etiicacy and merit. unaniiniously declared to bo the V>ost Remedy of The Age. < I wilyrn Evans' Quinine Bitters J.s sold in Bottles at 2s. and I3. M. each, or in cafes containing three 1". lid. at 12s. lid. per Shoutd any ditliculty be experienced in procuring it.the Proprietors will forward for the above prices, carriage free. Beware of Imitations, bee the name, "Gwilym Evans," on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. This is important..Sole Proprietors Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Company, Limited, Llanelly, South Wales.



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