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KaILVVAY TIME table.—may,I

Llaodilo Board of Guardians.


Llaodilo Board of Guardians. Tho usual moe-icg was held at the Town Hall on Saturday. There were present Mr W Griffiths (chairm&n), Mr D Davies 'vice-chairman), Mrs Anne Jones, Messrs J Har .p, John Rees, John Davids. Samuel CaJlard. D Lewis, James Rees, Caleb T! otnas. Wm. William John R Jones, D Morris, Evp.n Lewid, John Tnom&e (Talley), Rev David James, Messrs John George Davies, W Rees TLomfts, D"vid Gwvnne, John Griffiths, Richard Thomas, Wm Evao, John Jones, and Henry Herbert. Q COMPLAINT AGAINST A MEDICAL (JFFICEII. Dr Lloyd a'ten^el the tir g to reply to tho compiaint which had been rvsade against Lim with regard to the treatment of b pauper. Dr Lloyd had written a reply to the complaint, in which he denied the Blateuients and asked to be allowed to appoint a deputy for the upper part of Amman Valley. Ho now ei g-fe^ted that Dr Price be his deputy, and. nfter sow, discussion, this was agreed tv, and the matter tben dropped. 1X THE HOLTSE. The return of inmates w:3:—First week. S9 corresponding we-k, 39. Second w^ek 43 corresponding week, 38. Tl.t of vagrants was • — Fust week, 7o cyrespûnd; c week, 40. Second f7fCu' 1'LCirreC'°r''l g •' 40 ■■ total increase of l4. 1 he Kevs E> James, j. I) Tnnoo "W1-;)' thcL^ighthad?t^chbd 'the n°uee *°«n* 9 OUF-RLMEF. The returns fur the ner: m district Were *}'» ;V"*•* £ i5 t0 'j01. Second v^eek, 30) P^ULCK 10"esr=' w^k. £ H 13. to DISTRICT COUNCIL. A mecting of the District Council followed. LLANFYNYDD WATER SUPPLY. S;a.i!ar^ Inspector r-ported on the water pp y a I.laufyuydij. He h d visited the place in company of 1r Uelffie D -vles-Evans, Pantglatl, and Mr II J ^lionise, Penrr02, He now recom- men-v.d that a situat, in a field about a mile from the vil.tigg, ehouli; be utilistd, and a reservoir fixed there, with laid down from there to the village.—It was decided to rppoint a committee at the nxt meeting to deal with the matter. SANITATION AT AMMANFORD. Mr Herbert had given notice to move a resolution in connection v. '.th the drainage of Ammanford. He now eaid that the scheme he aufjgeated had been foand in practicable, and that the Council should ask Lord L ynevor to allow tha water to be turned into the fcv d.—This was agreed PROPOSED CULVER;' AT BETTWS. Mr Callard moved that a c:, I vert be made over the brock near he Plough Inn, at Bettw8 V1 f bacsed np resolution with a petition Tom the inhabitan; and a letter from e aneh Council.—It was •:cided to obtain the Surveyor a report. WATER RATE FOR CWMAMMAX. The Clerk asked that a Wh,r rate of Id in the £ should be made for Cwmami^an and Brynamman for the coming haL year. B- explained that the rate was znnv nearly paying r the works, but it would nr be wise o reduce the rate yet. Next half-year the Council would irobably be able to leduce it to 8d in tho £ .—'i he rate of 9J wati parked, and the meeting then terminated.