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Carmarthen Board of Guardians.

Carmarthen Bural District…


Carmarthen Bural District Council. The members afterwards sat as a Rural District Council at the Shiro Hall. Mr John Phillips, Caerlloon, presided. BRIDGES AND CULVERTS. A committoe was appointed to report on the building of a culvert at Pentrebach between Waunboeth and Ponthenry, bdtweeu tho parishes of Llangunnor and Llangondeirno respectively. Tho Chairman reported that the County Council had referred the subject of tho proposed bridge at Felinban, Laugharne, to the Main Roads Committee. It was decided to do nothing regarding the culvert said to be wanted at Cwm- nanthir, Newchurch. CYCLISTS' NOTICE BOARDS. A letter was read from the Cyclists' Tour- ing Club stating that they were ready to supply Dan-orous and "Caution" io boards free and carriago paid if tho Council would erect them on tho top of steep hills and at treacherous turns. The Chairman If you ask my opinion, I should liko to tax them all. We should have less of them then. Mr W. J. Thomas said he thought they ought to do what they could f jr the cyclists and they would bo then more willing to pay the tax. It was decided that the Council should accept and fix these boards in places recommended by the Surveyors. A PARISH GOING ON STRIKE. A letter was read from Mr John Stephens, Clerk to the Llanddarrog Parish Council, stating that at a joint meeting the Councils of Llanddarrog and Llanon had agreed between them to make the bridge required over the Gwendraeth. Mr John Davies If we build the bridge ourselves, we must withhold our own contributions. We won't pay rates. The Chairman You have no power to do that (laughter) It was decided that the Surveyors of the respective District Councils should confer together on the subject. ST. CLEARS MARKET. The Clork gave a resume of the corres- pondence he had had with Mr Lloyd Morgan, M.P., aud the Board of Agriculture on the subject of St. Clears market. It appeared that until the District Council had power to borrow the money, the closing order would be suspended. t) Mr David Thomas said that Mr Lloyd Morgan and an official of the Board of b Agriculture had beon down there the previous Thursday. He did not think they would hear anything more of the subject. 0 LAUGHARNE INQUIRIES. A committee was appointed to enquire as to whether a wall which had been by Mr T. David on the Newbridgf-road, Laugharne, was an enroachment; and also as to the need of a fence at a dangeious place at the Lakes, Laugharne. 0 WIDENING A ROAD. The Surveyor (Mr Gad Protheroo) was authorised to widen the road to 18 feet at Craigybolion, in the parish of Trelech. Tho cost was estimated at £ 1 6. LAUGHARNE DRAINAGE. Mr T. David attended as a deputation from tho Parish Council in favour of the carrying out of a drainage scheme at Laugharne. Ho also referred to a schcmo which lie had designed himself for that purpose, and which he would be prepared to place at the disposal of the Council. The Clerk also produced the ordinance map, and traced out the new drainage district which it was proposed to form. A committee was appointed to visit tho locus in quo, and to report on the subject to the next meeting. OLD HOUSES AND NEW. The Medical Officer (Dr Bowen Jones) referred to the case of a house at Panty- gleion. Mydrim, which 110 said was uninhabitable. He asked the Council to take steps to have it closed up. The Chairman said that it was only a case of a dispute, as the occupier claimod ho had a lease of the house. Mr David Thomas said it was not their duty to interfere between landlord and tenant. It was decided to take no action in the matter until the next meeting, it being understood that the matter was postponed with a view to a settlement. A plan was put in of a houso at Cwm- wyddon, Llanarthney, which was objected to Y. as not being satisfactory. The Chairman said that they were for pulling down all the old houses and would not let people build new ones. Where were the people to live ? The Inspector (Mr Gom^r Henry) said ho was only asking them to enforce their own bye-laws. i/u said they never expected that the very letter of the law would be carried out. Tho bye-laws required tho ceiling of a cottage to bo eight feet high; in his country they Avould not find a farm-house which complied with that condition. it was agreed that tho plans should be asked to bo amended as required. The Clerk (Mr Rowland Browne) said that half of the pauperism of the country was caused by these damp, small, unhealthy cottages which bred rheumatism, phthisis, and other things. Miss Gwyn This has long since ceased to be a free country. The Clerk Every civilised country has. Another plan (of a house on the Laugharuo Cliff), for Mr Richard Jones was put in, and objected to, on tho ground that the houso was too near the road. Mr W. S. Morse moved, and Mr J. R. John seconded, that the plan be allowed. The Medical Officer said they had only recently adopted bye-laws and notice ought to bo givon to a full meeting if they were not to be enforced. It was useless to mako them if they were not to be adberecl to. Mr Morse asked what was tbo man to do 'e He could not move his house over the Clilf and he could not pull it down. Miss Gwyn: They have made them pull them down in Llanelly. The matter droppod without any agreement being como to. CARMARTHEN Printed and Published by the Proprietress, M. LA wRENCIj:, at her OFFIOEF 3 Blue-street, FRIVXY, May 20th, 1696,

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Carmarthen County Court.

ICarmarthen County Petty Sessions.