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THE LATEST POLITICAL CRAZE. IT now turns out that our American relatives have been all along hungering for an alliance with England. We arc not surprised at it. There arc many relatives of that kind to be met with. They amuse themselves by doing all they can to annoy and belittle one, but when they become nice and friendly, and tell you that "blood is thicker than water," you may depend on it that they have discovered a method of making you serve their own interests. This is the American case exactly. Whenever it suits American politicians to tout for the votes of the scum of the population by flinging abuse at Britain, they do not hesitate to address Her Majesty's ministers in language which is only suited to a low-class bar-room. This is the prevalent tone of American politics; but now with a war on hand, and the neutral" Powers in a state of semi-hostility, England is worth cultivating. Possibly all that is best in America is favourable to England. But then the best do not rule in America. The professional wire-pullers, the saloon-keepers who deal in votes, and the dynamiters and assassins of Chicago-who are the real power in the land—regard England with the 0 greatest hatred. This is something for England to be proud of. It is possible that America will improve in its politics but as long as the scum rules Congress, so long is the Anglo-Saxon Alliance a wild dream. It is easy to see why the alliance is sought. The whole navy of the United States is about equal to one of the flying squadrons" which Great Britian has in every sea of the world. America can fight Spain-and Spain alone. America is, of course, a free country, in which the military arc called out to shoot down working-men on strike, in which negroes are roasted alive, and in which no z-, murderer ever is hanged if he has got b "influence." America is not ground down by a hereditary nobility the grinding-down is all done by insufferable parvenus, who have made money in pork. If the real American people shakes itself free from the horrible OLD MAN OF THE SEA which is strangling it, Anglo-Saxon alliance is a possibility in the present state of American politics, such an alliance is neither practicable nor desirable.


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