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Llandilo Petty Sessions. I

Ysgol Mydrim.


Llandilo Choral Society.

. !After an Attack.

The Weather and the Crops,





BETTWS. PARISH COU.NCIL.-The first meeting of the newly formed Parish Council was held at the Bettws Schoolroom on Wednesday evening of last week. There were present: -Upper Ward Messrs David Jones, William Hopkins, M. Morgan, and T. Thomas. Lower Ward William Davies, David George, Thomas Hopkin, Rees Jenkins, James Joshua, William Thomas, and the Clerk (M. Lewis). Election of Chairman and Vicc-chairman Mr T. Thomas, Glanamman Board School, was elected chairman for the year and Mr Rees Jenkins, Gilfach, Bettws, was re- elected vice-chairman. Election of Overseers Messrs William Evans, Manchester House, Bettws, and Charles Michael, Emporium, Garnant, were appointed overseers. Cost qf the Election at the Lower Ward: The Clerk submitted a bill for XIO Os 6d being the expenses incurred at the recent election of parish councillors for the lower ward. Objections having been raised to some of the items iu the bill, the payment thereof was deferred until the next meeting. Other business Messrs J. Joshua and li. Jenkins were appointed to meet the the applicant for an allotment at Lower Bettws and the tenant, and try to arrive at an agreement.—The Clerk was instructed to discontinue the order for the Parish Council Gazette.—Tho Councillors of the Lower Ward were empowered to see that the i-epairs to the well at Bettws be made forthwith. IF you require Mourning or Wedding Cards of cligico (it-t:igrifj -At (hoop rake, send your orders to tho Reporter Office.

Local Fairs for April. I



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