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LLANDILO. MINISTERIAL.—The Rev John Davies, Llandilo. has accepted (he call toShirland-roid, London, and will commcivie duties there on the first Sunday in July. A MEETING was held at tbe Cawdor Arms Hotel. Llandilo, on Monday iaizlit, when it wss uiiiiiiuiouely resolved chat a presentation be made to Viscount Emlyn upon the occasion of his approaching marriage THE L.I.S. BOYS FOOTBALL CLUB— PKOGKESS DUnING TUB SEASON.—The Llandilo County School Football Club has played four matches this eeason, during which it has been defeated once, has drawn once, and has twicc gained gained a victory. The fiist match was played at Lhnlly, December 10th. The day wee very wet and the field w-s in a wretched condition. Alfred Lloyd and E D Evans (both Llandilo forwards) were far and away the best phycre on the field, and both succeeded in crossing their opponent's line. The final score j stood thus: Llandilo, 2 tries Llanelly, nil. Tho ,,<clI\1 match was played at home (February 23rd) against Llanelly. The liume team was much heavier th:\ll the visitors but the visiting forwards showed themselves far superior in packing, heeling out. kc. Both J II Lloyd (captain) and Leidrych Th 'Kins (the two Llandilo threequarters) twice succeeded in planting the ball behind the visitors' line cod J II Lloyd succeeded in his attempt to c,mvert one of the tries. The Llanelly halfs played a Vtry ood game and kept their threequarters well snppli-d with work; and the result was that the homesters had to defend their line with gr_ef-t strictne;8. Tho result was declartd thus Llandilo, I goal. 3 tries Llanelly, nil. So far the School tram had held their own with succcss but on March U.h ct Swansea, against the Swansea Intermediate were de-errtined to win, and consequently put on the best men available. The match was played on the St Helen's Ground, Bancroft refereed. Swacsea, who played boys-or rather full-grown men—were mostly outsiders, and with the exception of four or five school-boys, soon managed to sooro. For the first few minutes the game WBS entirely in the hands of the Swanseaites, and before Llandilo had buckled ul) fortuno had declared for Swansea. Jones, the Swansea fullback, saved in capital style, aud aLvays converted the seemingly successful attacks of Llandilo to Swansea's advantage. At the final blow of the whistle, the score stood thus Swansea, 2 goals (I dropped). 2 tries; Llandilo, nil. The return match was played at home on March 23id. George- Davies (the coming International) tcok the whistle. It woe easily seen that the fight would be fiercely fought. Both teams were determined not to suffer defeat. Throughout the first half Llandilo played excellently, and before half-time, through the splendid playing of Mr H P Lunn, B So a try was scored. The 2nd half was phyed betti r by Swansea. Sometimes Swansea could hardly keep the ball from their'line, at other times L'aialilo with difficulty withstood Swansea's attack. So stubbornly was the game fought, so evenly w is it played, that neither team could for a long time gain ascendancy over the other, but j uif- before tho close of the grime Swansea managed to cross the line and scored in the corner near the touch line. The final score was thus Llandilo, 1 try Swansea, I try. This match brought the School team's season to a close We cannot oloss without referring to the second Llandilo Intermediate School Football Club, which will scon smother the tirsts unless they liven up. They ha'-e won every n atch they have played, anil Master W alter Lloyd, ilt, ir captain, has taken great, intciest with them in their garner- FOOTBALL LLANDILO V. SWANSKA. — On Saturday last Llandilo ventured to try conclusions with the Swansea fifteen. and found themselves completely outmatched. As it was, Swansea piled the score of 33 to 4 ngainet them, and had Bancroft and George Davies been playing for Swansea, or, in fact, had the Swansea players care to have made the effort, the Swansea score might have been still greater. Tha Llandilo team constantly invaded the Swansea territory, but somehow had not the knack of getting over the line as the Swansea men had. We had thought at Llandilo the local backs knew how to play the passing game, but compaied with the pasiiing of the Swansea bKck, it is poor. Of course, due allowance must be made for the fact that Swansea is one of the premier teams of the kingdom. 1u the loose, play was often in favour of the home team. Swansea kicked off, and John Davies returned, and play was in Swansea quarters. Scrum was formed in neutral territory. John Davies put in a fine kick, aid play was pgain in Swansea tcriitory. Swansea wheeled a scrum, and were rushing away when Livingstone Davies stopped them. Evan JODtB, however, got the ball, and sent it into Llandilo territory. A bout of splendid passing indeed with D Rees getting a fry, which Rice converted, and be did every try subsequently obtained by his side. Play had hardly been resumed when D James obtained the ball, passed to Gordon, who crossed the line. Charlee Thomas (tho Llandilo captain) was now in evidence, and thereby saved a rush of tho Swansea forwards. For the first time Llandilo got the ball out of the scrum, aud gained some ground. They wheeled the next, find gained more ground, and still more by open play, working the ball up in front cf the goal pohts, when John Davies dropped a pretty gcoi. C'hiiatopher Thomas getting possession, pumcd well into Swansea territory. J Davies put in a good rur.. Swansea again essayed the passing game, and D Rets was only brought down in the nich of time by Thomas Jones. Luna, getting the ball from scrum, dribbled T Jones passed to J Davies, who made a splendid but futile effort to score. It was D Owen Jones's turn next to save his side by bringing a Swansea man down. J Davies [>g-nin put in a fine kick, end Swansea was compelled to touch down. Scrimer shortly after scored for Swansea. Thus the first, half ended Swansea, 3 goals, 1 minor; Llandilo, 1 dropped goal. 1 minor. The play during the second half wa3 virtually a repetition of the first half. L!andilo did not add to their ,i,,oze, whilst Swansea added another three goals, but during tho last 10 minutes, Swansea had really to play a defensive game as the hom'-stcrs rallied. After the restart Llandilo reaped the advantage of open play, the kicking of the Llandilo back (R 0 Davies) being very effective. Swansea tried hard to score, but a rubh, headed by Livingstone Daties, took tho ball well into Swansea quarters. Phillpin by a serviceable punt sent it on still further. IloweNer. Swansea would not be denied. The play was soon in front of the Llandilo goal, and after a clever and dodtfy run, Arthur Jones scored, Llandilo was awarded a free for opposite tactics by Evan James, ar.d a minor resulted for the homesters. Again play was in Llandilo territory, and Daniel Rees not past a crowd of the home tea n and scored. Thomas Jones now suarted a dribble. Thiswis followed by a free kick to D J Davies. The ball, however, got into Rico's possession, and he was going away at full speed when T C Thomas brought him down. A srrum was formed, Chriety Thomas got tho leather, and it was taken to Swansea territory. However, it was of no avail, for Bhortlv afta GOfllon again scored for Swansea. Llandilo pulled well together, and by dribbling and loose play worked the ball in front of Swansea goal, l'.ie homesters made supremo efforts to score. A scrum was formed on the li::e. It was broken up by the visitors. The ball was again worked back by the Llandilo men, and encied in another minor. A Swansea man was awarded a free in a good position, but failed to make anything of it. It was no.v taken into Llandilo territory, and a scrum was formed close to the goal, but getting it out D M Thomas and T C Thomas dribbled it into neutral territory. Some good play followed on the part of Christy Thomas. R 0 Davies next stopped a rush by the visitors. The game ended thus :-Swansea, 6 goals, 1 minor Llandilo, 1 dropped goal, 3 minors.


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