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Llandilo Petty Sessions. I

Ysgol Mydrim.


Llandilo Choral Society.


Llandilo Choral Society. Before a distinctly brilliant and crowded audience tho Llandilo Choral Society gave its fourth annual conceit at the Drill IIsll, Llandilo, on the 21st inst. As things go in Llandilo in regard to societies of this kind. the C'hoial Soc iety has had a long life, and, in addition, it has been a pro! ere us one and promises to he still more 80 in the future. In truth,"Mr R C Jenkins, the conductor, is a much enduring man to tolerate so much raw niutviiial in the cho;, nnd tbe martel ia that he sin cetds in producing such splendid results \'7W} it Of course. tho solc'sts who took part were net made in a day, but in physique alone what pigmies the rut*jori'y of tin FT ale choristers appeared in comparison with them T atta k such a com position zi G ide's si di chcct," and seeing to great a lack oi it in the "raw recruÎis," the r is where such a volume of sound proccedid from as was at times produced. Llandilo should in the course ol years have a magnificent society, seeing the training so many young singers are now under- going. The annual o; nccrt by the society is now one of the ei ciioj of the local calendar, and year by year the interest in it grows. For some time before the doors were opened, a crowd liail to gather, and by the time the proceedings commenced the hall was comfortably filled Tir-it. the elite of the county was represent-d "11 the occasion in the audience (toes without ii., for iu the choir are several members til- and on the platform on this occasion were the Hon. Gladys Hi e. Mrs J W (>wynne-ll ij,'bes. Miss Lewis, Car cl I ei; Mr J L Thomas, C ••i'lf.e, &c. In the audience were Miss Gweidlian Rice and a large party of visitois »t J^ynevor Lusue, which included uaton<;st "thcrs J.-buc", Dohtuco'hy; Mr ^nd Mis Ihirrand. Mr r.n i Tdrs GE Warburton, Mi-" Rii-petii C ,m¡¡bdJ, Mr LItlmc, Mrs TJ Bishop, Bryntiihiu; Mrs StricU, Mun.bles Miis I'urdon, Mrs Lcwi", Mr Lewis, junr., and Miss Lewis, Stradey Mrs Ni< bol-is, Bryuhawdugar, and ilrj J W Nichoh s Sir Court; navy Mansell and the Mioses Maitsoll, ilfvc;-leilo Mis Thomas, Moreh, and lr Fortescue Hughes Mr L N Powell, J.I' Garregeen-iet! Mr T II Lowell. Miss Abadam and Mis-i Alicc Abadam, Mrs and Mias Lloyd Harris Mr J W G wynnc- Hughes, the Fauny, May, and Maggie G '.vynne-IInyhes and Mr Trumpe;, I'regib; Mr am1, Mts Richards, Hillside; Dr Price ar-d Misp L!oyd, Amman for] Misa Daties, Bay'tl Hil!; \lr an,} ii" p;')tJ¡fù Lewis Mits Ptothero, i:i-!i:iiu Sir Charlie PhilippH, 1ri< Piii'.ipptj, •- i: t y i>at k Miss Fhi ipps, the Missrs Price, Talb'y Mr and J!ra Meyrick-L'oyd, Sir jgnles Lady Hills- Johnts; I)r W II re, L'( Mrs Wyudljnm L- .vd a; d ?di>« M.-iliu L'o)"] )1rH John Bithop, !.«--cr; Mr a id Mrs Philipp" Mr- hi van L'ai.^e P.u-k Mr and Alrt3 J C See.. &o. The nri isles wore S-jjiano, Miss Ethel Winn; Wr b'nt."nc, Mr Ivor Foster conductor, Atr It -IcilkiliH, i,i'ilell a Y; orchestra leailer* Mr F ti Swansr-a. Orchestra—1st violins: Mr W Major Lloyd-Harries, principals; Mr Smart Thompson, aud Mr A Ingram. 2nd violins Mr W W Evans, Mr G R Oltvor. and Mr A Rou-e, Violas: Mr Fred Tunhridge and Mr K (i Py'iticr. Celli: Mr F Hutton, Mr Ernest Hullcy, an.] .Mr i\>roy K-08 15-vss Mr >V A omiLu. riuie: Air A A lluliey. Oboe: Mr F Watts (Bristol), C:arionet Mr J S anuel. r ilaui: Mr A Pro! m (^ T.umpct: Mr R 1 1. aw k c P. T¡ I n ¡ k: ,r \\7 '1'h"\1!>, Tyu.p.t- i Mr W .1 \Vul'< i s. (>ti:an Mr Lniier Ow> nu. The president of the society is Lord Dyneror. Com- mittts The Hon. Gladys Rice, Miss Lcwi«, Capel Issa, and Major Lloyd llariies. Tho Ii Cras Itkrs" may be described an almost severely classiud music, and it is not juite he style of muic to take with any but a, classical audience nevertheless from tho weird inuBfs of the opening chorus, Flame like," to the strains of Hosiana," at the close, it was wel! received. In (ruth, after attacking such music, tllt_,I,o ii I,,) knowing what the choir may next attempt. Th:: solo, Crusader's song," taken by Mr lluinphr ys, tH,11 the chorus were exquisitely rendered. Miss Winn elicit*d hearty^ applause by her rendering of They softly sleep, but perhaps tho rerd°rin# t iven t > Ihe wave sweeps my breaet by '>!r Humphr<j'3 an! th^ tret !a and altos ivas, in point of fi"i?h, that which u oi-i the palm, and had the altos balanced the trebles, it would have taen better elill. i £ « Winn thtn bursts in fine form, and the eff-nt w-is impr, sf-i vc, v. h< re sh.e eing< in combinati '11 with the cho.r. Tne (.'r j ;a !t r's chorus, "The Welcome Sun," with which tre third part opens was Eirpil by the tenors and lasses. The lull chorus Forward," ia all the massive, as well as the delicate parts, was extremely impressive, the sopranos being especially fresh and vigorous. Mr Foster gave a magnificent interpretation to "Ilis head let each Crusader rise," the Choir giving hi n splendid support. That the climax was beingr readied, and tho goal 'n Bight was evident, and the cLoriLe, s threw themselves heartily into the whole spirit of the pioco. It was really only iu this phce that the contraltos were heard to any advantage, and one wondered if they had been reserving themselves for it. It Wiis, however, a grand performance, and rone could fail to be stirred by it, and the audience showed their appreciation by hearty plaudits. The second part of the programme was a miscellaneous cup. and although since the corning1 amongst them of Major Lloyd-Harris, Llandilo audiences havo Icon treated to some rnro orchestral music, yet never before were thoy afforded such a treat as that of tho Ilidsiimmer Night's Dream" by MendeJshohn. For twenty-five minutes, the sudi'.nca was held entranced by the brilliant playing of the executants, and it was a fine exposition of executive skill. It was received with enthusiastic applause and attempts at an encore which WJS however cut of the question. Mr R C Jenkins conductcd in this as ia the Crusaders, with his usual skill, intelligence, and discrimination, and tne appreciation of efforts shown by the audience must have been extremely gratifying. Miss Edith Winn was at her be-L as she rang out her marvellous notes in Handel's "From Mighty Kings, which only such a mighty singer as herself oaie attempt It w(;s followed by a roar of applause, and 8b3 was twice called back, but gracefully declined to respord. A similar reception felt to the lot of Mr Ivur Foster for his rendering of tho Toreador," and in his case the audience would not be denied. In the Crusaders he had not the opportunity of showing his aiti-tic strength as in this piece. It was, indeed, a fine performance. Mr Ilumphieys was a'so moored for bis rendering of "How vain is Mew," and the Choir sustained their reputation bv tin i.r singing of Rossini's To the Great Lord" and Auber's "Como hither all Thi.1 latter hugely delighted the audience, partieularly gO tho way in which a few uf the sopranos facing the conductor entered into the spirit of it. In conclusion, Nothing" succetds like success." and the commi'tce deserve the highest praise for it.

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