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Llandilo Petty Sessions. I

Ysgol Mydrim.


Llandilo Choral Society.

. !After an Attack.

The Weather and the Crops,




Local Fairs for April. I



ST. C L E A E S .



TO THE DEAF. rich lady being cured of the Deafness and head noises by means of Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums aud Treatment sent £ 1,000 to his Institute so that Deaf Pertsona unable to Lay the Drums may get them Free. Apply by letter to P. Y. Bright, 54, Bow Lane, London, E.C. I STRANGB COINCIDENCES —Those wo look for coincidences will be interesting in knowing thai the day before tbe burring of Kpurgeon Tabernacle, during the Paetors' College Conference Mr Charles Spurgeon read the twelith chapter of Hebrews, containing the phraee, For ye arc not come unto the mount that might be touched and that burned with fiic," and concluding, For our God is a consuming fire." His brother Mr Thomas Spurgeon entitled his presidential nddiess No Stange File," while one of the questions that had been addressed to the conference in e cnou.>>r had been, Doe? th fire burn brightly on the altar r" Tr.e Rev John McNeill, the mispioner, who weB due at the Tabernacle next week, ut-ed t.s his motto for his last Sunday's I^cturp, Turn and burn," a phrase borrowed from Baxter. But perhaps the iiiast extraordinary coincidence of all is the apparent fulfilment of the prediction in Old MOOIVB Almanack "About the middle cf the month (April) the destruction of a famous tuilding may be expected. Insurances will cover the actual cott, but historical associations, alas have no money equivalent." Can you Hear? Persons troubled with Deafness or Head Noises should at once communicate with THOMAS KEMPE, Cathedral House, St Andrew's Hill Loudon, E.C. who will be glad to end essay, describin new home treatment, post free. BOYS AND MEN. Varicocele and all allied troubles of Men and Boys treated in an able little Book, Price 3d just published by Dr. P. Y. Richardson, U, Gt. lltteeeH tft., Loudon, W.C.