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LLANDEFEILOG. RAMA CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL. On Tuesday evening, the 19th inst, a competitive meeting was held at the above place in whidl everything was confined to the church except tbd reading competition, which was left open to all. It was one of the first meetings of the kind ever held in the place, and it turned out a splendid succoss. The affair was brought about mainly through the instrumentality of Mr B. Morgan. Oroesyee• iog, who has been during the winter months holding singing classes, and the fact of so many taking part in tho different competitions proved that Mr Morgan's labour had not been in vain. We would advise them to kepp on practising. The chair was taken by Mr Janus Griffiths Rose Villa, who also acted as adjudicator on the essay, reading, and recitations, whilst Mr D. J. Griffiths, Cincoed, adjudicated the singing. Both gentlemen gave the utmost satisfaction. The bags- which had been made and given by the young ladies of the Church—deserve to he highly praised as they were most artistically done. It was a great pity that there was not a prize given for the best. It must be said that several items in tho programme had to bo omitted owing to the late hour, to which the meeting extended. The result of the competitions is appended :—Solo for children under 15 1st, Aunie Davies Llwynhelig 2nd, Rachel Davies, Llwyn- celyn 3rd, Annie Davies, Llwynycwcw. Soprano solo for young ivomen 8 competed 1st, Miss L. Davies, Placegwyne. Tenor solo 5 competed 1st, Mr M. Davies, Llwynheiig. Bass solo; 4 competed divided between Mr W. Rees, Placegwyn, and Mr David Jones, Tredegar. Recitation for children under 15 divided between Rachel and Sarah Davies, Llwyncelyn. Recitation for young woinen 5 competed divided between Miss L. Davies, Placeo-wyn* and Miss M. Daniels, To wy Castle. Recitation for young men divided betweeu Mr D. Griffiths, Llwynhelig, and Mr T. Jones, Byrbwil. Reading for children under 'st, Rachel Davies, Llwyncefyn; 2nd, Sarah Davies, Llwyncelyn 3rd, Anna Davies, Llwynycwcw. Reading for men and wituen 1st, Miss Williams, Ferryside 2nd, Mr John Rees. Lan Farm. Essay on "Joseph"; 1st, Mr T. Jones, Byrbwilt 2nd and 3rd, divided • between Mr D. Gsiffiths, Llwynhelig and j Mr J. I horn as, Jrelimsy. Only one prize was for the essay, but the adjudicators declared that the three were deserving of a prize, and he generously gave the 2nd and 3rd prizes. The children sang under the leadership of Mr J. Tllrmas, Trelimsy the Mixed Voice Party under the leadership of Mr J. Price, Towy Castle and the Male Voice Party, under the leadership of Mr Ben Morgan.