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Carmarthen County Petty essiolls.

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The Influenza Epidemic.

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Carmarthen School Board. ——


Carmarthen School Board. —— MONTHLY MEETING AT THE GUILDHALL. The usual monthly meeting of the Car- marthen School Board was held at the Guildhall on Tuesday. There were present the Rev E. U. Thomas (in the chair), Mr J. P. Carter, Mr H. J. Joues, Mr James John, Rev D. J. Thomas, and the Rev W. W. Lewis. JOHNSTOWN SCHOOL. The Clerk (JMr T. Walters) read the following report of H. M. Inspector on the work done in Johnstown Schools at the recent examination — Mixed Sclwol-The elementary and class subjects were ou the uhtde very fair. Mental arithmetic and the spelling of the third and fourth standird. need attention and the recitation of the third and fourih standards was unintelligent. Infant Clans—The infants had been well taught. A. Jones has obtained a second class in the Queen's Scholarship examination. Total grant £96 12s. Total fee grant, £ 53. The Chairman said that the grant received for this school was £ 5 10s more than last year, despite the fact that the fee-grant was somewhat less in consequence of a slight falling-off in the average attendance. The question of retaining the services of Miss Annie Jones at this school under Art. 50 then came on for consideration. In answer to questions, the Clerk said that the salary usually paid to teachers under Art. 50 was R35. Mr James John moved that the appoint- ment be made at the salary usually paid by the Board to teachers under Art. 50. Mr Carter asked how much the Board paid the sewing-mistress at the Johnstown school 1 The Clerk £7 10s.—The Clerk afterwards asked Mr Gwilym Samuel, the headmaster, if he knew what Miss Jones would be willing to accept. ° Mr Gwilym Samuel did not gave a definite reply to this question. In answer to other questions, he stated that the other teacher under Art, 68 employed at the same school received a salary of £ 32 10s. Mr J. P. Carter then moved that Miss Jones be appointed at a salary of £ 32 10s. Mr James John asked if there was not a resolution on the books to the effect that teachers under Art 50 should be paid C35. The Clerk said that no scale had been fixed, although £ 35 was generally the salary at which they were appointed. Rev D. J. Thomas suggested that Miss Jones be employed at a salary of £ 30, which would be £2 10s less than was paid to the other teacher, who had been there for some years, and had rendered good service. Mr R. J. Jones seconded Mr Carter's resolution. Mr James John said he thought that the Board should deal m the same way with its I teachers who were employed under the same in articles. It was not likely to produce in them enthusiasm for the work if a teacher were paid less than another similarly qualified, because she happened to be employed in a different school. He would be the last to propose that Mrs Bowen, the sewing mistress, should be got rid of but he thought that the fact of her being employed was no reason why Miss Jones should be paid a less salary than was paid to other teachers employed under Art. 51-). Miss Jones would not be employed in teaching the sewing but she would be employed during the whole period of the school hours and, therefore she ought to be paid at the same rate as other teachers employed under the same Article. Hev W. W. Lewis: Is it a question of hours or a question of woik ? Mr James John It is a question of work. She will be employed during the school- time. Rev W. W. Lewis said that she would be exempted from the responsibility for the sewing. The Chairman said that Miss Jones had been employed last year as a pupil-teacher at £ 15. This appointment would mean an increase of Y17 iOs. This wa3 an item which they would bo discussing at the beginning of next year. The motion of Mr Cartor was carried. QUAY-STREET SCHOOL. Mary Elizabeth D;tvies, Quay-street, and Alice Scott, Blue-street, were appointed monitressos at Quay-street School.