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.\ St. Clears Market.I

Carmarthen County Petty essiolls.


Carmarthen County Petty essiolls. SATURDAY.—Before Sir Lewis Morris, Peubryu (in the chair); Mr D. L. Jones, Derlwyu; and Mr J. Lloyd Thomas, Gilfach. AN UNSUSTAINED CASE. John W Vaughan, shoemaker, Llan- defeiliog, was charged with being illegally on licensed premises after hours. I )efendallt pleaded guilty. In answer to questions, P.S. Thomas said that the house referred to was the Red Lion Inn, Llandefeiiiog. A conviction had been obtained against the house some five years ago, when the police watched it from the Chu chyard. It was a difficult house to watch. Defendant said ho had been in the house before ten o'clock, and had gone out. On the road, he met a plumber who was staying there, and who asked him to come to the house and see some gut. He went back for that purpose, and had not a single drop of drink there. 0 Tho Ch-rk (Mr W. Morgan Griffiths) asked defendant if he said that he had had no drink in the house and did not go there for tho purposo of having drink. Defjn dant said that that was so. The Clerk said then that defendant had better plead Not guilty." Defendant, with the permission of the bench, then withdrew his original plea. A telegram was then put in showing that P.C. Davies, Ferry side, the only witness in the case, was at Portsmouth, whither he had escorted a deserter. The case was dismissed. DEBT AND DESERTION. Arthur English was charged with desertion. tD P.C. William James said he saw the defendant passing through St. Clears the previous day. He noticed that defendant was wearing a pair of Army boots. Defendant first denied that he belonged to the Army, but afterwards admitted that he had deserted from the 2nd Battalion of the South Wales Borderers at Pembroke Dock. Defendant said he left the Army because ho wasE.5 in debt. He had not desertod he was merely absent without leave. The Bench remanded defendant, pending the arrival of the military escort.

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