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" The Parvenu" at the Assembly…


The Parvenu" at the Assembly E corns, Carmarthen. Oa Thursday evening (the 21st) the Carmarthen Amnteur Dramatic Society placed on the boards G W Godfrey's celebrated three-act comedy, The Parvenu," and the company faced a most fashionable and critical audience. The entertain- ment was held for the benefit cf the Ferryside Lifeboat Fund. The dramatis persona was as follows Sir Fulke Pettigrew (of the Warren)," Mr J E Adamson; Ledger, M P. (of Pagnctt Royal)," Mr H Brunei White The lion. Charles Tracev," Mr Ernest Collier Claude Glynne," Mr J R Phillips "Lady Pettigrew," Miss Daisy Welis; "Gweueiolen Pettigrew." Mips Howell- Thomas I- Mary Ledger," Mto J E Adamson. The respective parts were admirably performed by the various ladies and geniiemen in the caste. Mr H. Brunei White, a* The Panenu" (M: Ledger, M P.). was unquestionably par excellence. We have s^eu Mr White on the stage in various characters, tut on Thursday evening he eclipsed himself— and that id saying a great deal. He kept the audience convulsed in the humorous portions of the character—the love scenes and his behaviour iv Society while in the serious parts—especially where he lectures Sir Fuike Pettigrew on his craftinoss and eelfishness in trying to sell his daughter t,) the highest bidder in the matrimonial market, and where he presents Gwendolen Pettigrew with the mortgage deeds of The Warren"—he was even emotional. Mr J E Adamson as "Sir Fulke Pettigrew" was, indeed, as if born to the part, his impersonaion being grand. Mr Ernest Collier, as The Hon Charles Tracey," a younger son, studying for the Church, acted his part well, his love-scenes with Mary Ledger and his interview with Sir Falke Pettigrew with rcfererce to his racing stud and his subsequent interview with his lady love, being most laughable. Mr J R Phillips, in his character as Claude Glyn ne," the artist, was unmistakably a success his acting in the various interviews with Sir Fulke and Lady Pettigrew and in his love scene with Gwendolen being splendid. The acting- of Miss Howell-Thomas, as Gwendolen," and Mrs J E Adamson, as Mary Ledger," was faultless, and was the subject of most complimentary remarks by the critical audience present. To Miss Daisie Wells, too. as Lady Pettigrew," we must accord unstinted praise for the manner in which she pourtrayed her character. She took the principal part in the comedy, and she acquitted it to perfection. Indeed, it is hard to single out any person for individual praise, for we might thus be judged invidious, as all did their parts excellently. From start to finish there was not a dull moment, and we unhesitatingly say that a better comedy has never been placed on tho boards at Carmarthen by an Amateur Dramatic Company. JoneE;' string band and Mr T S Paovlieombe occupied the orchestra, and gave their services gratuitously. Mrs Olive, Boar's He-id Hotel, Mrs Welis, and Mr A 0 Norton kindly lent stago decorations and Messrs Mason and Lickley plants ad llowers. Mr Rees Davies, contractor, generously supplied the ncetylene lamps Mr J E Adamson acted flS stage mannrer, and Mr Er.iCct Collier, scenic artist. Ths scenes were g and

A Welsh Vocalist in South…

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Family Notices

Carmarthenshire County Council.

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