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GA.ETTK NKWS.—The OtM', tains the allowing — Receiving c Jones, of, Quarter L- theflehire. butcher, ORGAN RECITAI..— Mr A J Silver will giYC an organ recit at St Peter's Church on Sunday we at 4 p.m. Full particulars will be t dvertised next week. SUCCESS.-It is ?>atif)iBg t • note the success Mr O i-er Parry, Soil man-street, who has I ^•vntly be- n avartl-d the theory or second cl,t"A ot rtiiieite in Piunan's horlhand. LOCAL (_ MMISSION.—The Lend on, Gazette cf Tuesday i.iyht the following War Oince, April 26, itia: Revel Artillery—Car- marthen Anility, Wtstnu Division-Captain R P Moieswoith, Auillery, to be adjutant, %ice Captain E Turner, Roval ^VrtilleTy, who e peiiod of OCIVicc has expire dated A-pnl 18tb, 1898. I CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY.—The Secretary bega respectfully to acknowledge receij.t of the following :—Fruit from Mr J Miller, Parade, and parcel of Home Notes from Miss Thomas, 28, Picton-terrace. GREAT WESTEUN RAILWAY CO.-TRAIN ALTERA- TIONS Fon MAY.—On and after the 1st of May the 6.15 train from Paddinglon to New Milford will start at 6 10 p ni. There are other minor alteratiur.s which are set out in special notices and time-tables. TO-DAY for April 30th contains a copy of a portrait of the Right Honourable WE Gladstone and Mrs Gladstone, at St. Switbiu's Church, Bournemouth, Suuday afternoon, March 6tb, 1898 This picture was specially studied from the life and drawn by Mr Forrest. Its interest is, perhaps, exceptional, es it probably constitutes the very latest portrait of Mr Gladstone. SrccEs-SE3 OF LLANDOVESY STUDENTS.—The follcwing pupils from Llandovery School have been successful at the recent scholarship examination at Jesus College, Oxford :-W. J.Williams (son of the Rev Canon Williams, Carmarthen) gained a scholarship to JC80 a year for mathematics R. J. Jcn js (son of the Rev R. Jonss, RhosHancrthrugog) an exhibition of £ 50 a year for classics, aJ)d T. Jenkins of Berth now student at St David's College Lampeter, the principal's exhibition of £ 50 a y-ar. I.VDEl'ENliENT ORDER OF GOOD -Oil Friday evening last the above Society held their weekly meeting at tha Assembly Rooms, under the presidency of Mr Walter Thomas, Presbyterian College. There was a fair attendance. After some business had been discuesed, the following took part in the proceedings — Recitation, Mr Edwin Kees Thomas (which was well received) address, Mr Harry JSiesbitt duett, Htsars Walter Thomas and Evan Jones, Presbyterian College p.ddress, Mr D R Morgan. An enjoyable meeting then terminated. On Friday evening next there will be an interesting debate. WELSH PARLIAMENT HY PARTY ANNUAL DI.N!'iF'.t. Sir William llarcourt end Lord Aberdare wero the principal guests at the annual dinner given on Tuesday night to the members of the Welsh Liberal Parliamentary party by Mr Alfred Thomas as their chairman. The dinner took place in the National Liberal Club and there were no toasts or speeches, but there was no lack of Welsh music. Mr Thee, Gee and Sir L V llarcourt were gaests, and among ths members of Parliament who attended were Mr Lloyd George, Mr J. Herbert Roberts, MrWm. Jonts, Mr Bryn Hohert, Mr llrynrnor Jones, Mr Abel Thomas, etc. Tho company numbered about 20. VOLUNTEER INSPECTION,—Captain Young, the recently-appointed adjutant,held his first inspection ot the H & I Companies of the 1st V B, tho Welsh The Regiment at Carmarthen, on Monday evening. companies, to tho number of 90, assembled at the Market-place they were commanded by Lieut. Norton and Lieut. John. Headed by the band (under Bandmaster John Jones) and the cyclists (under Lance-Corporal David Evans) they marched to the Railway Tavern field and were put through sevetitl rrovernents by the Adjutant. At the close Captain Young complimented the companies on their turn-out and also on how quickly they had picked up one movement in particular. With regard to the uniform he did not look so much on the equipment being whole, as on the men showing a clean turn cut. 1ST V.B. THE "WELSH REGIIIEN T. -Orders for the week ending Saturday, Mt-y 7th, 1898. Officer for the week, Lieut. A E 0 Norton. Company orderlies, Colour-Sergeant R J Jones and Lance- Corporal D Evans. Orderly bugler, "Willie Greenwood. Company drill cn Mondy, at 7-30 p.m., plain clothes. Class firing on Monday, Thursday, Fricl-ay, and Saturday, from 2 p. m, Recruits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 7.30 p.m. There will be a llrigde Camp at Penally from the 24th June to the 1st July. Further particulars later on. The Adjutant will hold an examination for promotion to the ranks of S-rgeant and Corporal on Monday, the 9th prox. Further details next week. Church parade on Nlay Ist. Fall in at the Armoury at 10. 1,7) a. ua, Dress: Review order, siz tunics, helmets, belts, and side arms. No pouches. By cider, W. BUCKLEY RODERICK, Major Commanding H C mpany. LAMMAS-STREET CHAPEL BAND OF HOPE.— The series of meetings held at the above Band of Hope arc drawing to a ch ee. It is pleasant to note I that thi-i season has been remaik-ibly successful. The attendance have been flourishing and the work aocompli>hed creditable. The lady members rendered most valuable assistance. The routine of work consisted of short temperance addresses, c-tiechizin,g on sacred subject?, vocal and choral singing, and also recitations, which proved to be of much service to the juvenile members generally The final meeting of the season will bo held on Thursday, May 5th, when the Baud of Hope children will be recipients of a splendid treat prepared by the ladies. The same evening a Band of Hope entertainment will be held, for which I tickets are issued at twopence each, The hard- \vo:king musical conductor (Mr I) II Williams, Queens-piece) and Juvenile Choir arc busily engaged in preparing an interesting programme. It i-i tliit the Band of Hope movement will commend itself for good patronage at the juvenile entertainment. Sinuous nIC CLZ ACCICENT TO A CAKMAHTIIEJI MAS.—The Llaneliy Rasihlers CycHng Crab took their fi-st run of the season on Saturday, hen they went to the Mumbles. On the return journey a section of the 30 cyclists who had turned out '.Ot.k the wrong turn and it w?? about 10 o'c! >ck at night whc'n they reached tho i i h f!, T, c, I of Llwynhen !y, within two oi L':vtl!y. Here a sad accident oceuirrd. A ra.t without a light pufcsed on the rü,.ct au: a trap which carried iights but was diiving fuiiou«!y «rd on the wrong side of the road iwuudifitdy foil wed, A young man named A Harding, sn accountant at Buckley's Brewey, Llaneliy, nul eon of th late Mr Viduou Hording, of Carm.rthcn, was at the rohr, and he was thrown into die h--d^e by this trap. The captain of the du. illrj EdmunJs, heard his gioans and pr,, inptly rendered what aid he could. The driver of the trap, who hailed from Gorsoinon, had meantime proceedcd homeward without heeding the accident. The victim was raino?cd to Mr Coles's houa' and after Dr Roderick had arrived and examined him he was conveyed in the early hours of the morning to the Llaneliy Hospital. It is feared that Hauling has received internal injuries, t-ut we understand that the injured gentleman is making satis- factory progress. The condect of the driver of the trap has been reported to the police. MR. CARTER'S DEPARTURE FROM CARMAR- THEN.—"We regret to annource that Mr Carter, G.W.R. etationmaster, left Carmarthen on Thurs- day for Pontypool, where he will undertake the important duties of chief clerk to the Superinter- dent ot the Pontypool division, as successor to Mr Richard, who has been promoted to the position of Assistant-Superintendent of the line. We r him our hearty congratulations upon his succosa in attaining to that responsible position. Mr Carter commenced his railway career at Gloucestor as a clerk in the Goods department through his abilities and talents he was soon promoted to the General Manager's office in London he was then removed to Swansea, where he served for several years as staff-clerk of the Swansea division, Upon the position cf stationmaster at Carmarthen becoming vacant through the demise of Mr Cruse, it was accepted by Mr Carter, who litis binee devo'ed himself unremittingly and exclusively to his duties. His energetic labours have effected great changes ard. improvements at the station, and we consider this promotion but a meritorious reward for such dutiful perseverance. We predict for Mr Carter a blight future, IJia lemovid frum Carmarthen will be regretted by the public and his staff, who feincers ly regret the loss ot su. h nn earnest and hard-working railwayman and so exemplary a master. We wish him and his successor at Carmarthen—Mr H. Davies, of GJwerton- every success in their new spheres. A preeentation to Mr and Mrs Carter will shortly be made by the staff at Carmarthen Station, a report of which will duly appear. SUDDEN DEATH OF DR. ELLIS EDW ARDS.- With sincere regret we have to record the death of Dr Ellis Edwarda, which occurred at his residence, Quay-street, Carmarthen, ai. 8 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Deceased, who was 4ft years of age, was the eon of the late Rev William Edwards, Congre- gational minister, Aberdare. The doctor was in practice in the. Ystalyfera district some 15 years ago, whence he removed to St. Clears. From that neighbourhood ho went to Carmarthen and subsequently to Conwil, where ho was for a considerable time one of the me1.c1 ofii-ers of the Carmarthen Union. After reUnijuishing that appointment be returned to Carmarthen, where he practised until his death. Ho was a geuial companion and his contributions to the Lancet and other medical journals were highly acceptable. He is survived by iiia widow and two sons and a daughter, with whom ftrcc.% sympathy is felt in tilrir praierit allliction. The death was painfully sudden. He was about a* usu^.l on Monday evening and that night wes in attendance on Mrs Wood, the Bister of Mrs Williams, the landlady of the Cordon Hotel. Dr Ellis Edwards was taken ill in the eoi^y hours of Tuesday mornirg and in spite or uis attendance of Dr Denzil Harries succumbed a.;cuu S It jg a melancholy coincidence Uiat Mrs Wood died the same morn- ing. Dr E.wuids death will be a source cf genuine sorrow to many in Carmarthen and neighbourhood, ts his patients had in him an immense confidence greater than is often extended to popular physicians. His genial manner made him extremely popular v ith those who knew him. Tho funeral will bo of a public character and will take place on Friday at the ConBtuYI the procesilion leaving the house at 3 p-m- I INLAND REVENUE APPOINTMENT.—Mr J. Crov.iey has been promoted to a lirst-class Excise appointment at Halifax. WE are pleased to announce that grand sports and bicycle races will be held at the Railway Tavern field, Carmarthen, on Whit-Monday. A strong representative committee has been appointed and a grand prograii:rr«3 of events arranged. Vafuabie prizes will bo offered, full particulars d which will duly appear. in posters. CYCLINU CLUB.-The opening run of the Carmarthen Cycling Club took piueo on Thuisday afternoon week, their destination being Lianstcphan. A start WR.; made Irom Guildhall-squase r.t 3 o'clock, when a iargo number, headed by the captain (Mr Ton- Francis), proceeded thither. About a dozen young ladies accompanied the club. The sua proved a most enjoyable one whilst Saturday the club had another run to St Clears. WEDDING AT JOHNSTOWN.—On Wednesday morning a pretty and quiet wedding took place at Llanllwch Chareh, the contracting parties being Miss Agnes Thomas, PenrheolCottag-e, Johnstown, and Mr Frederick C. Dunn, of Cardiff Tho bride, who was charmingly attired iu a fashionable travelling costume of navy blue and cream eiik, with hat to match. was given away by her brother, Mr James Thomas, of Gowerton while she WHS attended by her two little nieces—Miss Sarah Anne Evans and Miss Winiired Thomas—who were prettily dressed in costumes of gray and cream i respectively, as bridesmaids. Mr William acted as best man." The ceremony was performed by the Vicar (the Rev Jonathan Mareden, B..I) ). After the ceremony the party returned to Penrhcol Cottage ('he residence of her brother-in-lary, Mr W. Evans), where the wedding- breakfast was partaken of, and later in the day the happy pair departed, amongst the well-wishes of their numerous friends, for Cardiff to take up their residence at their new home. We wish them long life and hvppiness, The presents were numerous ar.d of a costly and useful description.

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