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HISTORICAL DOUBTS CONCERNING SIR JOHN JONES JENKINS, M.P. WE have been for some time scanning the reports of the Parliamentary debates with the object of learning something of the doings of our Borough Member, Sir John Jones Jenkins. But we have been unsuccess- ful in the hunt. Now, in a sceptical age like the present, this is apt to give an opportunity to disciples of the arch-heretic Betsy Prig to declare "that there ain't no sich person." For after all, if there be such a person in existence, is it likely that he would hide his light under a bushel in this manner? Surely, even the most retiring legislator would sometimes find an opportunity of having his say on something or other relating to his constituency. Under such circumstances, one is almost forced to the conclusion that the Sir John Jones Jenkins legend is of an entirely mythical character. Again, authorities state that he flatly declined to answer the question of an elector regarding a question—that of Education—which everyone was discussing during the election of 189.5, on the ground that it was not before the country and that he actually afterwards supported measures for strengthening tho grip of the parson and tho priest (In the education of the Principality. The fir.-t statement is highly improbable, -s it is not likely that any candidatef«.r Parliament in Great En am wou d shuffle out of proclaiming his priu iplos th practice of politicians usually is to declare their vienl a in and out of season. The econd .tement. is so wildly impossible in sach an ultra-democratic country as Eng.and th;t the historian by its very absurdity gave a clue to its legendary origin The Tories always declared that (he legend- ary politician was no Tory. and the Liberals repudiate him. Ilence it is as probable that there is no Mich person—and that he must rank with the Wandering Jew, the Seven Sleepers, Pope Joan, and other creations of the human intellect. Wo shall be glad to receive any trustworthy ovideuco to the contrary but in tho meantime wo must regard the legend of his existence with the greatest possible amount of caution.


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