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After an Attack. -

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BA K Y FELIX. A GRAND CONCERT was held at the Rankv- felin Board School on Thursday evening, the 17th inst., under the chairmanship of Mr 1.1. R. Carver, Wenallt. By glancing at the posters, and seeing the names of such well- known artistes as Miss Winnie Stephens, the Misses Carver, Miss Robinson, Miss Alice Olive, Mrs Dr R. L. Thomas, Miss Bess Davies, Mr J. F. Lloyd, Capt. Grismond Philipps, Mr Harry Evans, Mr Gomer Davies, Mr David Lewis, and Mr J. A. Davies, one could not bo surprised to see the large audience that had assembled. Mr Carver, of Wenallt, who is so well known and highly respected in the neighbourhood, made a capital chairman. The following programme was gone through :—Part I Overture on the piano by Miss Gracie Carver, Wenallt song, Miss Bess Davies, Smith song, Mr Harry Evans, Carmarthen song, Miss Winnie Stephens, Lan (encored) comic sketch by Mr Gomer Davies, Carmarthen (encored) song, Miss Katie Carver comic song, Capt. Grismond Philipps, Cwmgwili (encored) song, Mr J. A. Davies, Smith Arms; song, Mrs Eowland Thomas; sketch and sleight of hand tricks by Mr J. F. Lloyd. Carmarthen song, Miss Robinson, Wenallt (encored); song, Miss Alice Olive, Boar's Hotel; comic song, Mr D. Lewis, St. Clears (rncored). ^The Chairman announced five minutes interval at this stage. Part II Song, Mr J. A. Davies (encored); song, Miss Winnie Stephens (encored) song, Mr Harry Evans; song, Miss Katie Carver (encored) comic sketch by Mr Gomer Davies (encored) song, Miss Winnie Stephens (encored) comic song, Capt, Grismond Philipps (encored) song, Miss Bess Davies (encored); song, Miss Robinson song, Miss Alice Olive. A most amusing twenty minutes was here given with the shadowgraph by Mr J. F. Lloyd, who deserves the greatest praise for the clever way in which he acted. Comic song, Mr D. Lewis (encored); finale, "God Save the Queen," Miss Winnie Stephens singing the solo. The Chairman then spoke in a most eulogistic manner of the able way the different artistes had acquitted themselves (luring the evening. He said that all they had seen and heard there that evening was both amusieg and instructive, and he felt very happy to be among so many of his friends. He would do everything in his powpr to support any good cause for the benefit of the neighbourhood. He warmly complimented the audience on their good behavior during the evening. To use his own words, They had given to all a fair hearing." Mr J. H. Thomas, the genial manager of Lloysonen Gardens, here stood up and begged to second Mr Carver'e vote of thanks to the artistes, and re-echoed his words in complimenting both artistes and audience. He also spoke in a most eloquent manner of the good services the worthy Chairman had rendered to the neighbourhood since his return to his old home, The Wenallt Mansion." The accompanist was Miss M. Phillips, Mermaid, St. Clears, and she acquitted herself most creditably. The pro- ceeds are to be handed over to the funds of the Bankyfelin Show Society.