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Carmarthen Rural District…

Mewclmrch Parish,

Sudden Death at Abergwili.

Llaudilo Board of Guardians.




DR LLOYD'S ANNUAL REPORT. Mr W Griffiths wanted to know if Dr Lloyd wished them to carry out what was stated in his report.—In reply, Dr Lloyd said it was not in his province to do any more that advise. To carry out his recommendation rested with the Board. He did his duty as far as he could. They had no "notification of disease in the distriet, r-nd that hampered him very much. But the fact remained he was bound to make a report, if not to them, to the Local Government Board, and he put the facts fairly and honestly, and as mildly as he could. before them. He had been a good deal bothered in some portions of the district, and had a very biller lesson from the way in which constituency, so to speak, criticised his conduct, and that of the Inspector of Nuisances, with regard to Llanfynydd. He was censured by the Local Government Board inspector, but he ventured to say it was an unfair criticism. It applied to the ratepayers, not to the sanitary authority. He would not again subject himself to it. There were still nuisances at Llanfynjdd, and he had reason to know that some of the gentlemen who had been most active and raspish in their condemnation of him were now leaving things undone tiial ought to have been done. It was all very weil, and perhaps he would be wiser if he did not speak so plainly. There had been con plaints of offensive matter being allowed to enter the river Saurian. That state of things still existed. When those persons thought it was the schoolroom at Llanfynydd was in fault, they were for having it remedied, but when it became a personal matter, it was left untouched. There was the water supply of Llanfynydd. It was not for him to say, but it had been condc m; ed by a London expert. "He (Dr LloJd) could not go against his superior That water supply had not been attrndeJ tf) He had simply to report the fact. If a Local Government Board Inspector visited Ammanford, he would condemn the whole thing. He did not want to impose taxes on Ammanford but defects lie had pointed out still existed there. It was not his fault. It was theirs or perhaps the financial state of the county.—The Clerk said he had had a letter from Henry Jones Thomas, Llanfynydd, stating that certain nuisances would be at once remedied.-Dr Lloyd (continuing) said if he was a family man living at Ammanford he would be in earnest about its sanitary state. It was the most unsanitary spot in the whole district. If diphtheria or typhoid broke out there a Local Government Bocrd Inspector would pass very severe strictures.—Chairman Ammanford has been very healthy hitherto (laughter).

Dydd Pen Bhvydd fy Hun. I

Funeral of lev. Dr. Job, Conwil.


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