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Carmarthen Rural District…

Mewclmrch Parish,

Sudden Death at Abergwili.

Llaudilo Board of Guardians.


Llaudilo Board of Guardians. Tho fortnightly meeting was held on Saturday lust, when the attendance comprised — Mr Henry Herbert (chairman), Mr VI. Griffiths (vice-chair- man), Miss May G-wynne-Hughes, and Meiers D Davies, John Jones, Joseph Harries, W, Griffiths, John Harries, Jumes Rees, Caleb Thomas, W. Williams, Roderick Jamcs, T. Davics, D. Wat-kins, D. Morris, J. Junes, John Thomas. D. Jones, tud D. GWynne. RELIEVING OFFICER'S nEn J. fir D. Davies (Northern Out riot) repotted that the amount paid by him for the week was JL4; 12cl for 301, against Jt:lS l" for 3S0 in the cof< Kponding period of hut yrar. Siooud week: 1 I L for 11 agairfat .£4;) 133 for 309. THE MASTER'S REPORT. This stated that the number in the house was 41, against 46 in the corresponding period of last year, The house WES visited by G8 vagrants in the fort- night, against 88 in the corresponding fortnight of last year. Services had been held by the Reva D. James (B ), and John Davies CYJIRU FYDD! For the first time in the annals of the) hou-o, the report by no visitor was written in Welsh, and that by tho well-known Cymru Fyddiun and o:fait. Mr U. \V. Lewis, Prynam-nan. The committee of the house reported in favour of the furnishing, &.C., of a room for the matron. THE TREASURER'S REPORT sta'e-d that the calls due amounted to £ 86 03 6,1, and that the b?.lance in hand was £ 1,910.—The Clerk sai 1 he had drawn a cheque that day for £ ■110 11; 7d, payable to the county treasurer for a ratc. A QUESTIONABLE LETTER. The Chairman said he held a letter in his hands, which bad been sent to the Clerk with reference to the ma-ler and 'he White Horse Inn, The master's daughter had married and lived at that inn —The Clerk said he had icad the letter through, and it had nothing to do with thetu.-iNIr Caleb Thomas said the same thing.—A Member asked if the writer eigued his to the 1eter.The Chairman answered in the -Tile letter was shelved. TOO PREVIOUS. The Vel k stated that tho parishioners of Llanfi- hangel had held the parish meeting on Saturday, the 12th of March, whereas, according to the Act, it should L, been held on tho 14th. The meeting was, therefore, iovalid. CONTRACTS. For meat the only tender reoeivc-d was from Mr W. Tin mas, bu'eter, Rho«maen-street. It was acce; tod. Fcr coal (L-cst Park), Mr Ben Lewis obtained t) contract. For Rroeorie?, tenders were received from Mr D. Evans, Towy Stores, atid Mr Lewis Edwards, Trapp. The latter was accepted. For flour the contract was given to Mr W. Jones, Canton.



Dydd Pen Bhvydd fy Hun. I

Funeral of lev. Dr. Job, Conwil.


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