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The Influenza Epidemic.


The Influenza Epidemic. At the present time, everywhere, almost, is the Influenza. thousands of patients are down with this terrible scourge, which has again visited our country, and is committing frightful havoc among all classes of society. It is much more prevalent than is generally known, the cases are more severe than on former occasions. Having observed its ravages and its baneful effects on the constitution on the occasion of its former visits, we cannot but regard its recurrence with special dread, as a great many have not yet, if they ever will, regain their former health. The present form of the disorder attacks the organs of digestion, as well as the lungs. Nor are the symptoms precisely the same in each individual. Many, too, feel the after effects of Influenza for months and months. To have the microbes or bacilli in the blood ev--n for three days seems thoroughly to weaken and exhaust the constitution. Now, as a preventative, we know of nothing eqtuil to Gwilyn Evens' Quinine Bitters, The Vegetable Tonic. A few strong doses taken in time have often nrovpri p.ffprfcnn.1 in wnrrlinfr "e off attacks of this malady, and always succeed in mitigating their severity when a patient is under their influence. Do you suffer from Chills, alternating with Sudden Flushes, Severe Headache, accompanied by difficulty of breathing, and, symptoms of Catarrh, Pains in the Chest, under and between the Shoulders, and a stiffness and soretees of the muscles. Loss of Appetite and Nervousness, or are you oppressed with gloomy Fforebodicgs and depressed spirits? If you sutler fiom any ot these symptoms, know that they are the forerunners of Iunuen^a, and it behoves you to resort at onco to an effective and suitable remedy, I' and that ia Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitter, The Vegetable Touic. Sold in bottles, 2s. tlJ. and 4i. (id. tach. Avoid Imitatious.

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