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THE OARMARTHKN CORPORATION (The Old-Established and thoroughly-reliable Firm) Begs to inform its numerous Friends (and Enemies) that It has KOW OPENED UP AN ENTIRELY EW LIE OF BUSINESS. ORDEFS RECEIVED FOR CLEANING DRAINS, MENDING PINE-ENDS, T.VING BACK-YARDS, SWEEPING CHIMNEYS, CURBING; CHANNELLING, SLATING, AND GENERAL HOUSE REPAIRS. THERE ARE NO GOOD WORKMEN IN CARMARTHEN EXCEPT THOSE EMPLOYED BY THE CORPORATION Jobbing--not Jobbery-in aU its branches AT PRICES TO DEFY COMPETITION The Corporation hope3 by civility atui prompt attention to business, combined with high-class workmanship, to receive a fair share of the businsss of the neighbourhood. "RHYDDID, HEDD, A LLWYDDIAXT." ONE TRIAL SOLICITED. If the firm will only come down to this office it can have the poster" executed in red, white, and blue at a reduced price- just to give it a lift off at the stai-t. If I 0 don't happen to be too busy at the time, I don't mind writing a verse of pootry for the ZD p heading gratuitously- < The Board of Guardians has petitioned in favour of pensions being paid to ex-soldiers, weekly instead of quarterly as at present. The result of the present system is that the pensioners are frequently in a hilarious condition for a week and in the workhouse for the remaining twelve weeks. But wo have little chance of a change. There is an extraordinary delusion abroad that the various Government offices are for the service of the public. This delusion is wrong in theory, and unsubstantiated by a single fact. The Public Officosexist primarily for the convenience of the office-holders. It would cause some amount of inconvenience to the latter to pay the pensions weekly; and so the present system must continue- I no matter what inconvenience it causes anybody else. "It. One of the candidates for the vacant Surveyorship stated on Friday that anybudy can call himself a C.E." I daresay this is quite true. But there are many people who take a delight in sporting titles conferred by no responsible authority—mistaking the shadow f.)r the substance. There is absolutely nothing to prevent any illiterate pill-vendor calling himself a doctor" but if he has not the degree af some respectable body (such as, for instance, the medical schools of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, the Victoria U ui versity., etc), his title is a mere empty sound signifying nothing So 0 r, tD a man may be called Professor because he teaches classics or mathematics in a college; or it may be because he is a conjurer. There is nothing in the mere title. I don't see why people should covet a bunch of letters after their names unless the bunch is an index to their professional merits; but there are fools who pay huge sums to bo made Fellows and Assosciates of bodies which have no actual existence. For instance, I might found an Imperial Association ot Hopeless Noodles with three degrees of MI.AH.N., or L.I.A.H.N., or F.I.A.H.N., open to all who apply and pay the foes. I shall be prepared to consider applications for these eminent degrees from those who covet such destinctions. The Fellowship will be specially reserved for members of public bodies who succeed in obstructing public business and in delaying public improvements for at least six months. Au eight hours day is evidently unknown to German bandsmen. One deputation of exile 1 Fatherlanders was heard on Thursday week to play-evidently without stopping for meals—from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. At any period between those hours their brazen strains might be heard floating from some quarter or other of the town. And yet they all got away from Carmarthen with their lives I Things have latterly come to a frightful pass in Penllwyn Park. The upper end of the town is very badly supplied with water at the best of times but, of all, the Park seems to bo in the worst plight—possibly by reason of the fact that not a single member of the Corporation lives there. The precious fluid has become of late so terribly scarce that the day seems imminent when washing shall be an extravagauce not to bo for a moment contemplated. But I would not advise the inhabitants to come down town in a body with black faces in order to shame the Corporation. The members who could quietly shelve the Water Question for the whole town whilst Picton-terrace was a continual subject of discussion, are not likely to be shamed by anything of the kind that the Penllwyn people can do. The annual musical festival of the English Nonconformist Churches has evidently come to stay. The third event —which takes place at Zion Presbyterian Church on Thursday next—seems, by the excellent programme pi-epi red, to be destined to be au even greater success than either of its predecessors. ALETHEIA.

The Influenza Epidemic.

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