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A LITTLE PLAIX EXGLISH. A new Council will be elected for the Carmarthen Rural District on Monday, and the electors will find much food for thought in the returns of the attendances of the retiring members which we publish in another column. The average is so bad that it would be ditlicult to pick out two or three members whose record is conspicuously worse than that of their colleagues. The work of the Rural District, Council proper- as distinguished from that of the Board of Guardians—has been shamefully neglected by the bulk of the members during the three years term of the retiring Council. The conduct of a largo section of the members has been a triumphant illustration of the glorious principle of How not to do it." Not only have the attendances of the members been bad, but many of those who turned up at the meetings had a most indulgent idea as to what constituted an "attendance." The business of tho meeting was well under weigh before more than a bare quarter of the Councillors turned up and the important sanitary business, which constitutes the second part of the agenda," has had as the normal state of affairs to bo 'I r.1 transacted by the Chairman, tne ^ierk, and —at the most—half-a-dozen others. The haste which members exhibited in getting out of tho room testified that to thorn tho wholo thing was a tremendous bore—a little of I:'J which went a very long way. It never seems to have struck these important gentlemen that it was their duty to sit out the meetings. Some of them—we have no doubt—were very prolific in promises to the electors but many of them as a matter of fact, ran away from the meetings, if the business occupied more than an hour and a half or two hours. Now, one of two things is the case with regard to such gentlemen :— (a) Th y have time enough i i Vkhieh to disci arge their public duties or (b). Th'V haTe :o. If they have the time and WOu;t give it, no