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Carmarthen Town Council.

» ... The Parish Council of…

.. Kid welly "hips. ■ - —…



Errs'tj COCOA.-li a.1'El"UL\ -D C)IFOBTING,-U By A thorough knowledge of the mtural laws which govern the operations of digestion uid nutrition, and by a careful -ipplicat on of the tine properties of well. JO'Ccted COCOA, Mr Kpps h«* pru% idea for our break- tost and bupper a d. 'icately fl tvouivl beverage whica may gavt us many U tvy doct ra' i. lIs. It is by the iodicious use of such arucles ■> ijet' nat a constitution Uity be gradually built up until -<troug enough to rosiat every tendency j,Q distase. We may escape 11 any a fatal shaft Ly keeping ours-vea well fortified vith pure blood and a properly n' vriahed frame. 'ivil Service Gazette,—Made simply ivith boiling water 1 milk.—Sold only in packets and pound tiny, by Jrocors, ltljelle!]-" JAMES Fvr, & Co., Ltd., flomuiopathic Chemists, London." IF you require Mourning or V odding Cards of ,hoioo nesigno at chesp rate., eend your orders tQ the litfitrter Oftke.

What my Doctor Said.