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Carmarthen Town Council.

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» The Parish Council of Llauddarog, and the Carmarthen Rural District Council. To the .Editor of tho Carmarthen- Weekly Reporter. SIR,—In your last week's issue, a report of tho monthly meeting of the Council at the Shire Hall appeared, and it states that a letter was read from the Parish Council of Llanddarog asking the District Council to receive a deputation to speak with regard to tho condition of a certain road there, and that the deputation consisted of Mr Davies, Llwyubach Mr Jenkins, Llwynbrain; and Mr John Hughes, Mynachlog, and that the first-mentioned was the spokesman." In order that the ratepayers may thoroughly know the state of affairs it would be but fair to thoso whom it may concern to know- 1. Who wrote the letter referred to for the Parish Council of Llanddarog ? 2. Who appointed the aholù-ramed as a deputa- tion 1 Where ? When ? Aad by what authority this was done ? It is generally believed that there is not now a Parish Council in existence at Llanddarog, according to the meaning of the Local Government Act. If so, is it possible that a Star Chamber has been created in lieu thereof and hence the deputation. It would be well for the ratepayers of Llauddarog to be up and doing (as the elections of Parish and District Councils are uxed for the 4th of April), in order to get suitable persons to look after their interests and so avoid last year's blundeiings. Yours, &e., A KATErAYEll. February 21st, i898.

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