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Carmarthen Borough Police…

It Never Fails.

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The Jubilee Celebration at…



..L..A.L"" "A".& Mr B. A. Lewis thought it would be sufficient to publish in tho papers the state- ment of accounts which had just been adopted. Mr J. F. Morris said he would very much like to have a full statement of subscriptions as suggested by Mr John. The Mayor Some of the collectors have not given their books in. Mr J. F. Morris I collected by far the largest amount, and I could give the name of every gentleman from whom I had anything. Mr Thomas Thomas Thoro wore one or two books missing. The majority of the collecting-books were there, but ono or two were not thore. Mr J. F. Morris: Mr Arthur Davios's book, and one or two books more wero not at the audit. Mr James Brigstoeko: You cannot publish the list of subscribers unless you have the books. Mr JamoH John moved:that the statement of accounts as presented should be published in the three Carmarthen papers. Mr James Brigstocke seconded. Mr Ben Spivey pointed out that it would be going to a useless expense to publish all the separato amounts which they had had before them. He considered it would bo better to abbreviate the statement. Mr David Williams: It would be sufficient to show what each department costs. The Mayor We have hoard so much of these accounts as to wheio they are, aud what has become of them, that it would be I best to publish them in full. Mr James John: The only way to got over that is to publish the entire thing. Mr David Williams That is not possible. Mr James John It would have been better to have had a full statement of the lot. No man could say then that his sub- scription was not accounted for—as ho caa say if you don't publish the whole list. Mr J. F. Morris If a man gave a shilling would you publish it ? Mr James John I certainly would. The Mayor.: Which were the two books missing ? Mr J. F. Morris Mr Rogers and Mr Arthur Davies. Mr James Brigstocke In 1887 I col- lectedLIOS; I accounted for every shilling. Mr James John moved that a summarised statement of the accounts be published. Mr J. F. Morris: Lot us have it as it is in full. Mr James John drew attention to the ill- treatment suffered by a dignitary of the church according to the statement of accounts. Mr David Willi mis How ? Mr James John said that there was a sum put down for the firing of a canon." Mr David Williams explained that it was a cannon which had been fired. j Tho Mayor What shall we do ? Mr James John I see no good in putting down so much for tea, and so much for sugar and so much for buns. It would be as well to put down the lot for the children's treat. Mr J. F. Morris So much has been said about the way in which the money has be! 11 disbursed. I should like to have it in full The Mayor The same remark would apply to tho sundries and other oxpens. s." The "chanvoman, etc." what s the etc." ? What are tin incidental expenses ? It was finally decided to publish a summarised statement of the accounts. THE DISPOSAL OF THE BALANCE The Mayor The next thing is to decide what shall bo done with the balanco i; harid ? Mr R. M. Thomas You said that was covered by the original resolution. The Mayor We had a meeting on thi occasion when this question was gone into I think thero were more names at the mee, ing than I see down here. Whatever balarc;, there is is to be devoted towards the buih- ing of the Drill Hall, because the object of the big meetings we held was to have beer, the building of a Drill Hall. Therefore, if there were any money subscribed over bv the outside public, undoubtedly everybody thought they were subscribing towards th" memorial of the Jubilee which was a Drill Hall. Mr James John It was distinctly stat-d that it was so. Mr David Williams: I believe tin-* committee has a right to deal with it as ? likes. Mr James John There was a distii t understanding at the big meeting that a; surplus that was over after providing for t celebrations should go towards the nucle <' of the memorial iu the shape of a Dr Hall. Mr E. Colby Evaiis That is t'h impression I have had always. Mr James John: I believe if the pap-vrs are looked up they will bear it out. Mr Ben Spivey moved that the balance of 11.1 odd be transforrod to tho Drill Hail Fund. This was seconded by MrE. Colby Evan-, and carried nem. con. THANKS. Mr James John said that now that tho labours of tho Jubilee Committee weve finished, ho proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman and to the secretaries. Mr James Brigstocke seconded the motion, which was unanimously carried. On the motion of Mr David Williams, seconded by Mr J. F. Morris, a vote of thanks was awardod to Mr Ben Spivey for the assistance which he had rendered in connection with the dinner to the poor. This concluded the business.

Carmarthen County Police Court.



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