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Carmarthen Borough Police…

It Never Fails.

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The Jubilee Celebration at…


The Jubilee Celebration at Carmarthen. PRESENTATION OF THE ACCOUNTS. THE WINDING-UP OF THE COMMITTEE. BALANCE FOE THE DKILL HALL. A mooting of the Carmarthen Jubilee Committee was" held at the Guildhall on Friday at 7.30 p.m. The Mayor (Mr H. B. "White) presided. There were also present :—Messrs R. M. Thomas, Walter Spurrell, James Brigstocle, T. Davies (Barker), Z. D. Jones, James John, Ben Spivey, Charles Whiteoak, Jonathan Phillips, B. A. Lewis, E. Colby Evans, and the Secretaries ''(Messrs J. F. Morris and David Williams). WHO GOT THE Y,4 5s? The accounts wero presented by Mr David Williams, and were stated to have been audited by Mr Walter Jenkins and Mr Thomas Thomas, Myrllo Villa. Mr Walter Spun ell: When was the last meeting hold ? Mr David Williams: Tho 20th July. Mr Walter Spurrell: How was it I received no notice of it then ? Mr David Williams We had v-u-y few hero. It was very small. It was summoned in the ordinary way. Mr Walter Spurrell: I am certain I was not summoned. I am cortain I had no notice of such a meeting. Mr James John suggested that a full list of the subscriptions received bo published, and sent to" subscribers over a certain amount. Mr David Williams I am afraid w^ shall not be able to got at them all. There is ono book we are unablo to find. The Chairman Whose is that ? Mr David Williams: Mr Arthur Davies. Mr J. F. Morris: I should liko the accounts published this week. Mr R. M. Thomas: It is usual to publish them. That costs something. Mr David Williams said he was afraid that if they undertook to publish a full list of subscribers somo would be left out, and people'would get offended. Mr J. F. Monis: Personally I should like Mr John's proposal to be adopted. I should like them to know that the subscriptions which I'have had have been used. Mr DavidjWilliams'said he should like to do it, too; but he was afraid it was impossible. Mr Charles Whiteoak Would it not be sufficient to put it in the papers. Mr J. F. Morris explained that he referred to a full list of subscriptions received. It would, oi course, be out of the question to advertise that. Mr Walter Spurrell: Who were these Clerks, f,4 5s ? Mr David Williams The vouchers were produced to the auditors. Mr Walter Spurrell I should like to have the names of the clerks. Mr David Williams You appointed auditors to go through them- Mr R. M. Thomas There was a sum of £5 voted for it. Mr Walter Spurrell: I want to know who the clerks aro who got the money. The Mayor road the resolution of the committee authorising the expenditure of a sum not exceeding f5 for clerical assistance. Mr Walter Spurrell: I want to know who the assistants are who had the money. Mr David Williams said that the vouchers had been produced for each clork's payment before the auditor. Mr Walter Spurrell Can you say how many there were ? Mr David Williams Throe. I have the vouchers at homo Mr J. F. Morris: My own clerk is one. Mr Lewis, of Mill-street, is the other. Mr David Williams: I wish the auditors were here. They promised to be here. Mr Walter Spurrell: The auditors know nothing of that resolution. They might have accepted anybody's receipt. Mr Thomas Thomas entered the room at this point. Mr Walter Spurrell: Mr Thomas, I don't know whether you recollect the receipt for S4 os for clerks, for several clerks-for clerks' assistance ? Have you any recollection ? Mr Thomas Thomas: The vouchers aro there for all payments; I did not bring them here. I think it was Mr J. F. Morris. The Mayor His clork ? Mr Thomas Thomas His clerk. Mr David Williams If I knew it was necessary, I would have brought the vouchers here. I thought you would have taken the accounts as certified by the auditors. The Mayor: Anybody else but Mr Morris's clerk ? Mr David Williams My son, Mr Lewis, and Mr J. F. Morris's clerk. Mr Walter Spurrell: Were there receipts from the throe clerks making up these accounts. Mr Thomas Thomas Wo had vouchers for all payments. Mr Walter Spuirell: But wo want to know who had them ? Mr Thomas Thomas said he had nothing to do as to who had authorized the pay- ments. They had simply to see that vouchers were produced for all payments made. The committee were responsible. He understood from the Secretary that everything was signed by the Chairman, and that cheques were drawn for the payments. He could not, of course, carry all the different items in his head. Mr R. M. Thomas I move that the accounts be accepted. Mr B. A. Lewis seconded the motion, which was adopted nem. con.


Carmarthen County Police Court.



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