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Tabernacle Annual New Year's Concert. One of the most successful concerts ever held at the above chapel vas given on Saturday evening last by lour of ihe most popular artistes of the day, each and all of whom was in the best of form, namely, Miss Drinkwater, medallist and winner of the Saniton Dolby ptixe in the Royal Academy of r897 (soprano) the contralto being Miss R. Thomas, of Mountain Ash, the popular and rising contralto, who won the contralto prize at the National Eisteddfod, 1897 tenor, Mr D. Lloyd, Llangennech, an artist well known in South Wales, and winner of the challenge silver cup of Wales bass, Mr 1). Chubb, who won the bass and baritone solos at the Newport National Eisteddfod, 1897 accompanist and conductor, Mr T. S. Fuddicombe; recitations, Mr G. J. Hodges. The concert was advertised to commence at 7.50, but long before that hour the sacred edifice was crowded to its utmost capacity with a respectable and appreciative audience. Punctually, the respected pastor of the church, Rev E. U. Thomas, made a short opening address, introducing the artistes, and called upon the conductor to proceed with his programme. The first item on the programme was the quartette, "Sweet and Low," by Barnby, which was very sweetly sang, the four voices being very evenly balanced. This was followed by Mr D. Chubb singing in grand style Benedict's "Rage thou Angry Stoim." Mr Chubb possesses a very powerful and sweet voice, and we predict for him a grand future. Miss R. Thomas then gave very effectively "When the Heart is Young" (Dudley Buck). She received a well-deserved encore, and gave in response Kathleen Mavournecn in beautiful style. This lady possesses a marvellous voice, and no doubt, with due care, she will become one of the leading stars in her profession. Mr D. Lloyd then sang, by special desire, Yr Hen Gerddor" (Pughe Evans) very effectively, and in response to an encore sang Children's Home very sweetly. Mr Lloyd was followed by the Carmarthen favourite pianist, who played "Mose in Egitto." He was, of course, encored, and Mr Puddicombe responded with his favourite piece, Home sweet Home." Mr Gertrude Drinkwater then appeared, and sang "Mia Piccirella" (Gomez). This Italian song was excellently rendered, and in response she gave Nobody knows." This lady possesses a rich and sweet powerful voice, and is now in the front rank of her profession. The programme was now varied by Mr G. J. Hodges giving a recitation, "Christmas Day in the Work- house" (G. R. Sims). Mr Hodges was in grand form, and his effort.was enthusiastically received. Miss R. Thomas then sang Gwlad y Delyn," for which she received an encore, and responded 'with Fy Mam very effectively. The first part concluded by the singing of Randegger's trio, Navigante," which was excellently rendered by Miss Drinkwater and Messrs Lloyd and Chubb. The second part of the programme opened with the stirring duet, "Mae Cymru yn barod," sang by Messrs Lloyd and Chubb, and the splendid rendering evoked an encore, and in response they favoured with repeating the last verse. Mr D. Lloyd afterwards sang "Margarita" excellently, and was followed by Miss Drinkwater giving a fine rendering to 0 Divine Redeemer (Gounod), and in response to an encore sang Killarney." Mr Hodges then recited by special desire, "Trouble in the Amen Corner," and in response to an undeniable encore re-appeared and gave The Grave-digger's Story," which was received with roars of laughter. Miss Thomas next sang Gwlad fy Mebyd" in good style, and in response to an encore sang "Caller herring." She was followed by Mr Chubb, who gave Dydd y Frwydr (by Alaw Ddu), and had a well-deserved encore, and sang Deigryn ar Fedd fy Mam very sweetly and effectively in response. Miss Drinkwater then gave a Welsh song, "0 na byddai'n Haf o hyd," which was vociferously encored, and she gave in return N\'Iio'll buy my Lavender." The concert concluded with the beautiful quartette, In this Hour of softened Splendour" (Pinsuti), which was rendered very sweetly. "God Save the Queen "—Miss Drinkwater singing the solo —brought the concert to a close. Owing to the crowded state of the building, and the success of the artistes in the concert, it was thought advisable to hold a sacred concert on the Sunday evening following. Mr Chubb was unable to remain, but an excellent substitute was found in Mr Lewis Giles. The concert was held in the chapel, and the building was again crowded. It was acknowledged to be the most impressive and enjoyable night held in Carmarthen for a long til-ric. The success of the concert is entirely due to the indefatigable and energetic efforts of Mr George Morgan, Albert House, superin- tendent of the Sunday School, and Mr G. J. Hodges, Francis-terrace, who spared neither time or expense to make it the great success which it undoubtedly proved to be.

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