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Ar Ben y Peutan.


Llandilo Urban District Council.I


Llandilo Urban District Council. The monthly meeting of this Council was held en Tuesday evening (the 2nd inst), when there were present Mr J. W. Nicholas (chairman), Mr .Jenkin Jones (vice-chairman), Major Thomas, and Messrs W. Griffiths, C. Thomas, W. Hopkin, J. Hushes, C. G. Phillips, J. Price, Thomas Jones, D. Stephens, Evan Jones, and E. A. Robots. ALUN-ROAD TAKEN OVER AT LAST. The Surveyor reported that attention had been paid to the It,,gk-ages near the ieser%,oir. lie reported that, excluding what was necessary to make up for wear and tear, Alim-road was now in a position to be taken over by the board.—On the motion of Mr J. Pric", seconded by Mr Griffiths, it was unanimously agreed to take the road over. THANKS. A letter was received from Mr .T. Davies, Froodvale, agent to Mr Gwynue-Hughes, thanking the Council, on behalf of Mr Hughes, for their courtesy in allowing a water supply from their mains for Cwni-isaf farm. RATES. The Clerk said he had prepared a general distiict rate of Is in the 9, which included everything. From the last rate there were no arrears, and from the present rate they would obtain £ 221 ,'>J. There was a balance in the bank of somethir.g like £ ^0i).— Mr E. A. Roberts said the balance did not actually exist, as there were several large payments to be met. —The Clerk said that at the end of the half-year they would still have a bala' ce.—It was agreed to levy the rate. THE LLANDYFAN WATER SCHEME. Major Thomas said he hnd written to the Chairman about the ir atter, and did not speak at last meeting, but he now thought that th-y should deal with ttie Vicar, and he th lught Mr Davies, the engineer, had grasped the subject well, and Mr Davies agreed with him that if they put a socket pipe into the baptintry it would save a lot of trouble. He thought they had already interfered with the Vicar's right by disturbing the water. It was an encroachment, and he gave notice ttiit at the next meeting he would move a resolution t.. endeavour to ccme to terms with the Vicar, and if they offered the vicar £ 10 a year, he thought it would be a saving. He moved the resolu- tion then, with the consent of tho Chairman. He believed the outside public would be prejudiced against the town if they thought the water came from the churchyard.—In answer to the Chairman, Major Thomas said there was no evidence of diminution of the wa'er in the baptistry.—Mr Evan Jones objecteJ. There was no fear of the contamination referred to. Mr Phillips seconded, without naming the amount, as he thought the Vicar was open to modifications in his offer. Where they proposed tapping would necessitate tremendous cutting and probable payment for easement. They could make a tank also if they came to reasonable tern.,3 with the Vicar, and they should not bind themselves to Lord Dynevor',¡ terms before knowing definitely what the Vicar's terms were.—Major Thomas said thai was not seconding his resolution.—Mr W. Hopkin seconded.—Mr Roberts was sorry to oppose Major Thomas, but after meeting the engineer and consulting him, they had come to the conclusion that by tapping the maiu out- side they were clear of the Vicar and Mr Du Buisson, and no compensation could bo paid, and why then were they going to pay the Vicar £10, He (Mr Roberts) was of the firm conviction that after plugging up one place they found water flowing back up to the upper spring. He antI all who were at Llandyfan were of the opinion it was better to go to Lord Dynevor, as they hid agreed. lie moved, as an amendment, they go on as they had agieel.—Mr J. Price seconded.—The Chairman said it was very unfortunate that Mr Morgan Davies had not put in his report that it was best to take it frozii the eye." They were confined to the four corners of the report, and Mr Davies had told him (the chairman) there was not the slightest fear of contamination.—Mr Roberts further contended that Mr Davies had stated to him the advantages of the present scheme.—Mr Phillips after reading from the report, stated that it would be more costly and more risky to deal with Lord Dynevor than with the Vicar.—The Chairman said the risk was a small one. Mr John Hughes held that if it could be got without the possibility of contamination, it would be a good thing, and an advantage to have it from the source. It was a question for the board, but he knew nothing about it.-In answer to Mr W. Griffiths, the Clerk said that if they dealt with the Vicar tiny would have to compensate Lord Dynevor after all- -.Ilr Jenkin Jones said if they went for the amendment they would be going back to where they were two years ago.—Only Major Thomas, Mr Phillips, Mr J. Hughes, and Mr Hopkins voted for the motion of Major Thomas.—On the amendment being put as a substantive motion, Mr Phillips moved, as an amend- ment, that they write to the Vicar for hvs terms.— —Major Thomas seconded.—The voting was the same as before.—Mr John Price said it was simply wasting time.—The Clerk said he had seen Lord Dynevor's agent that day, and he sanl he adhered to the original terms, viz., £ 10 a year, a 4 inch pipe, and power to limit the supply to two inches in February, March, and April, or water for two days a week.—Mr John Hughes and Major Thomas con- demned the terms.—Mr Phillips warmly said they were simply going to spend the money of the rate- payers wantonly and wastefully. Mr Roberts objected to the remarks.—The Chairman moved that a deputation of the members wait upon Mr Bishop to ask for a modification of his teriiis.-Air Evan Jones seconded.—The Chairman, Mr Jenkin Jones, Major Thomas, Mr Hughes, Mr Roberts, and Mr Griffiths were appointed. REPAIRS. On the motion of Mr Phillips, it was agreed to have some repairs done to the pavement by Canton Villas. THE WATER SUPPLY. Mr Evan Jones said that as the water was BO short, it would be better that the inhabitants of New-road be supplied with water by the cart instead of putting it on the streets. He moved a motion to thai effect. —Major Thomas seconded, and it was carried. CHARITIES. As the result of a letter from Mr W. Thomas, clerk to the Parish Council, which he had received relative to the local charities, it was agreed, on the motion of Mr J. Price, seconded by Mr Evan Jones, that the Council apply for the full powers of a Parish Couucil. -+-

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