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TALOG. THE FIRST CROP OF HAY IN THE DISTRICT. Notwithstanding the great drought which has fallen to the lot of this and many other localities this year for the past two months, a few crops of exceptionally good seed hay are to be seen in this neigh- bourhood. One of the finest crops in this locality is to be seen in a field in the vicinity of our villago, and the property of Mr John Thomas, seed and manure merchant. The Italian grasses measure on an average 42 m iuclies in length, and the spaces between these aro well filled up with excellent clovers aud rye grass. This in itself is a sufficient guarantee of the excellence of the quality of tho seeds purchased by our worthy merchant. To-day (Tuesday), however, the Italians have undergone a similar fate to their namesakes in Africa, namely, they have been laid low, and Talogians have to-day been reminded of the words of the poet— "Now ring the sharp scythes of the mowers all day As they spread to the air the street scented hay." This is tho first crop of hay which has been cut in the neighboui-hood this season, and we one and all wish that Mr Thomas will be fortunate iu having it safely stowed away in his commodious shed in the pink of condition.—CUKYLL COCH. FoR THE BLOOD IS THE Lirz. "-Clarke's world- famed Blood Mixture is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising For scrofula, scurvy, eczema, skin and blood diseases, pimples, and sores of all kinds, its effects are mar. vellous. Tnousandsof testimonials. In bottles, 2s9d and lls each, of all chemists. Proprietors, Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company Lincoln. Ask for Clarke's Blood Mixture, and do not be persuaded to take an imitation. DEAFNESS AND NOISKS IN THE HEAD, cured a the patient's home. This Illustrated Edition also treats on the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Extreme Stoutness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Rheuma- tism by Medico-Electricity.—Id C. D. BRIGH1, Publisher, S, Tavistocke Place London, W.C.

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