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LLANDYSSUL. CARMARTHENSHIRE DISTRICT OF KECHARITES.— The annual meeting of the Carmarthenshire District of Reehabites was held on Saturday last at Velindre, near Henllan, and was attended by twenty-five out of the tweny-six tents in the ditlict., besides the oliio>rs of the executive, and a considerable number of Msitors. The chair was oocupied by Mr John Allen, Chief Ruler, Llangadoek, who expressed his pleasure at. meeting such a representative gathering. He referred to the encouraging fact that there had been during the year an increase of 200 in the membership, and of £ 400 in the funds. He, however, could have wished that the membership competition had been taken up more heartily, but still very good work had been done. In the competition for adult members, the first prize was obtained by Mr Henry Able, Conwil, who had get sixteen new members. The prize was a beautifully-fiamed emblem second place was taken by Mr T. Hopkin, Llangadoek, with 13 members and Mr J. Lewis, Ferryside. 13. In the juveniles, the first prize of 10s was won by Mary Allen, and John Thomas. Tycroes and second, 5s, by Mary Owen, Llangadoek. The report was read by Mr W. Davies, secretary, Llanelly. It stated that during the year new tents had been opened at Llanstephan, Ferryside, Ammanford, Tycroes, and Conwil, and juvenile tents at Gerwen and Tycroes. The adult membership had increased in one year from 900 to 1,139, and the juvenile from 787 to 879. The adult funds had increased from £ 1,433 to £ 1,808, and in the juveniles there was also an appreciable increase, the present value being £ 270. Besides the foregoing members in the adult tents, there 47 honorary members, and 42 wives, giving a total of 1,228. The mortality experience was most remarkable, being cnly 5 deaths out of 1,180 members and wives. In the juveniles there had also been only 2 deaths out of HïH. -I)iirilig the morning and afternoon sittings various matters concerning the good of the order were dis- cussed, and the debating power was a marked im- provement on that of former years The question of an accident fund was referred to the executive, with instructions to deal with the subject in ease of need. It was decided to hold the next annual meeting at Gxvynfe.—Mr G. J. llodges, Carmarthen, was elected Chief Ruler. MrSamways, schoolmaster, Maesybont, deputy-ruler. Mr W. Davies, Llanelly, and Mr T. Gee, Llanelly, were re-eleited scewtaryand treasurer respectively. Air John Thomas, Llanelly, and Mr Harris, Kidwelly, were appointed auditois.


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