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LLANDILO. A WHITE SPARROW is at present amongst the feathered visitors to some of the gardens in the Cresent-road, at the back of Mr W. Lewis's, the coach builder. THE BIBLE SOCHar. -The annual meeting of the local auxiliary of the Bib!e Society was held on Monday evening at the Drill Hall. The attendance was )Jut šo encouraging as the report, which showed that over t30 had been remitted during the year to the parent society. The chair was occupied by the Rev W. R. Davies. The deputation was the Rev H. Powell, Pembroke. Allis GWTYNNE-HUGHES' VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT. On the evening of Thursday, the 2Sth of May, Mrs Gwynne-IIughes gave a variety entertainment at the Drill Hall, on behalf of the funds of the Church Sunday School. Her efforts to cater for the public were met by a full house. The Volunteer Band, under the conduetorship of Sergeant Howells, contributed some capital selections of music in goo I style, whilst the Llandilo Male Voice Party, led by Mr D. Morgan, Carmarthen-street, gave very pleasingly "The Sailor's Chorus" and" The Little Church." Mrs Gwynne Hughes, Mis. Fanny Thomas, Miss Hilda Lockyer, and Miss Hoberts, of Tenby, contributed songs to the evening's entertainment, and were all well received. Mr L. Atkins gave II Trovatore very creditably cn the violin. Mr Brunei White, Carmar- then, was very successful with his comic songs. The favourite of the evening was, undoubtedly, Mr Campbell Thomas, of Swansea, who is evidently a born" comb." He was irres:stibly encored. But the main feature of the entertainment was a series of what were very aptly and appropriately termed Living Pictures," and the only fault one has to find with them is that they were so transitory. The curtains had to be withdrawn a second time for every picture, so entranced were the audience with them. From a spectacular point of view they seemed more liko scenes from fairyland than aught else. Mr J. W. Nicholas gave-as only ho could give—descriptive sketches. The pictures were as follows :Spring," Miss Lili Gwynne-Hughes; Stitiiii)er," Miss L'Estrange, Miss Wyndham Lloyd, Miss Thursby- Pelham, Miss May Gwynne-Hughes, and Mi.-s Maggie Gwynne-Hughes Autumn," MissThursby- Pelham, Miss Lili Gwynne-Hughes, and Mr J. Philipps; Wiuter," Miss Hodges; Ophelia," Miss Maggie Gwynne-Hughes, Miss L'Estrange, and Mr J, L, Thomas Making the Running," Miss May Gwynne-Hughes, Mr Picton l'hilipps, and Mr Wilbams Fairy scene," Gwestfa Orphans Love and Fate," Miss Wyndham Lloyd, Miss Hodges, and Mr J. Thomas Rival Belles," Miss M. Gwynne- Hughes, Miss L'Estange. Miss Pelham, and Mr J. l'hilipps A hopeless dawn and Flowers of the East," Miss Lili Gwynne-Hughes, Miss Jennie Filfc, and Miss Morgan, Cui "Over the (;arden \Vall," Miss L'Estrange, Miss May Gwynne-Hughes, Miss Maggie, Mr J l'hilipps, and Mr J. Thomas. A party of Miss l\Ia.c'Arthul"/S scholars gave a cymbal drill with rare precision and execution. It was an admirable performance. Mr J. A. Williams, North Wales, and Mr L. Atkins, Swansea, acted as accompanists.



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