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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE, &c. MR GAVILYM EVAla LLANELLY. The health of this gentleman is much improved, and he is now out of danger. Silt LEWIS MOltiUS is about to j jin the ranks of poet-playwrights. A MEETING of the meinbeis of the Football Club j will be hold at the Nelson UJtel on Monday evening at 8.30 p.m. THE local contingent to the South Wales Musical Festival gave a sacred concert at the Carmarthen Guildhall on Sunday evening. Mr H. Brunei White (the mayor) presided. I I.G.G. L\ —The usual weekly meeting of the Lodge ot Gocd Templars wa8 held last Friday evening at the Lower Assembly-loom. A new member was installed. The attendance was good. SPOON COMPETITION.—The usualspoon competi- tion took place at the Danyralltj Range on Thursday, the 28:h uit. The winuera were Corpl. Whiteonk with 90 points and Private Tom Thomas (tyro) with G7 points. Wic have been compelled this week to again hold over a large number of contributions. These include Bankyfelin Notes reports of Llandilo Urban District Council: Llanegwad Parish Council; Y Cwrdd To yn Pontargothi St. Clears Notes; Ferryside Gossip, etc. MR. U. M. THOMAS,—AVe are pleased to learn that thocordition of Mr R M Thomas, the respected Town Clerk of Carmarthen, has improved considerably during the week, and that there is every reason to believe that the worst of his iUuessl iii over. A PERFECT KRU^ER for sangfroidity has been found in Carmarthen, lie is a clogger, and he never trovtd a hair when he discovered the other day that he had mistaken his linger for a bit of woo'l, and chopped it cltan eff Mail. We understand that the young referrtd to is Win Be.l, and is employed by Mr D. Griffiths, tintnun, &c., Lammas-street. DISAPPEARANCE CF, A JASU BOX. —Mr Sims, a showman at the Carmarthen mttrket, who has a large collection of swings, etc met with a pecuniary loss on Saturday n ght, about 9 p.m. The cash box. containing £21 lOs, was found to ha%e been removed from his van. The police are on the track of one of the showman s junior assistants, who disappeared at about the same time. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY.—The Secretary begs respectfully to acknowledge the receipt of the of the following Gibeon Chapel, Bankyfelin, £ 1 3s 6d Welsh iootball Union, XIO fruit and flowers from Mr John Miller j a cake from the candidates ot the St. David s Carmarthen branch of Girl's Friendly Socicty. Tlla matron appeals for flowers wild or cultivated. They brighten up the wardii wonderfully, and make them much more cheerful for the patients. FETE AXD GALA FOK THE LOCAL i CHAUlTIES.-At a meeting held on Wednesday evening at the Ivy Busli Hotel, convened by Mr Henry Studfc, the Mayor (Mr Brunei White) presiding, it was unani- mously that a fete and gala be held during the month of August for the local charites (,f thejtown. A Representative Meeting of those who composed the old committee will be called shortly to further arrange matters. Mr C. Whiteoak was appointed hon. sec., and Mr C. H. Williams, hon. sec., pro. tern. OI'TING TO THE ANCHOR HOUSE EMPLOYEES.— In the afternoon of Thursday, the 28 ih ult., Mr E R Evans, of the Anchor House, gave an outing to his employees. The party to the number of about twenty started from Guildhall-equare in a brake about two o'clock, and arrived at Llanstephsn in due course. This favourite resort being reached a very enjoyable afternoon was spent, during the course of which the parly were entertained to lea at the Casllc Hotel. The excursionists returnEd to Carmarthen about 10 p.m., well satisfied with the half. day's outing. 1ST V.b. WELSH REGIMENT.—Orders for the week ending 13th June, 1893. Officer for the week, Lieut. Norton. Company orderlies, Sergt. A Dav ies and Lce.-Corpl J T Davics. Orderly bugler, M Iiees. Company drill on Monday, at 7.30 p.m., Recruits drill on Tuesday and Friday at 7.30 p.m. Class-firing on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 2.30 p.m., and on Friday evening from G p ro. till dusk. Spoon competition on Thursday at 2 p.m. sharp. From Saturday next, 6th inst., and until further orders the range will be at the disposal of members, on Saturday evenings from 6 p.m. till dusk for practice. — By order, W. BUCKLEY- RODERICK, Captain Commanding II Company. TEMPERANCE.—Last Sunday evening the temperance meeting at the Tabernacle Schoolroom was addiessed by Mr Williams, Old College School, who appealed for greater sympathy to be shown to drunkards.—The Rev T. L. Rees, a former missionary in Jamaica, and now working among the sailors of Milfoid Haven, had had his last temperance meeting on board a vessel with a cargo of 70,000 gallons of rum. If sailors could be induced to become temperarce men then it would be an easy matter, he thought, to evangelise the world.—The Rev D. S. Davies said that some terrible catastrophe in war produced by means of diink would first of all have to take place before the English nation would be thoroughly aroused to the evils of drink.—The Rev 1- U. Thomas, pastor, closed with prayer.—The next meeting will be held at Union-st. ANNIVERSARY AT WATER-STKK.KT.— The usual anniversary meetings were held at Water-street Chapel, Carmarthen, 0"1 Sunday nnd Monday. On Sunday morning the service was introduced by the Rev T F Jouee, Goppa and the Rev Philiip Jonce, Fishguard, preached. Iu the afternoon the sermon was preached by the Rev T F Jonce, the service having been introduced by the Rev Phillip Jones. At the evening meeting the serviie was introduced by Mr Wil.iams (student at Old College Sjhool), aud excellent sermons were preached by both the rev gentlemen. On Monday evening there was a crowded congregation to hear the able eermone preached by both the rev. gentle- men the service on this occasion was introduced by Mr Jones, -Niaestex (a student at Old College School). Herbert Jones ("Caeralaw Bach") presided at the harmonium in a very pleasing manner. Altogether the anniversary meetings were quite os successful as in former years CARMARTHEN JUNE FAIR,—The Carmarthen June Fair or Flair Newjild Catrfyrddin, as it is better known amongst the agricultural community, was commenced on Tuesday evening with a good muster of horses, and continued throughout Wednesday. Lammas-strett a ad the adjacent thoroughfares were packed with cattle and horses. On neither day did horses sell briskly, the dialers fiom various pitits of England being someAvhat disappointed with the geneial appearance of the animals. In addition to this, the scarcity of grass in the home counties militated against an incre-ee in prices. Some fairly cood steppers went at £:O a-piecp, and many exchanged hiii-.(I- from that figure down to £ 10. Some of the best rot deters and cainago horses fetched L'30 to £,to- Few carters were seen at 11,2 fair but a good naanv po:»ies were oliered at £ > to £ lo'. Two-vear-olds met a slow demand at £ 10 to X'12 and good yearlings realised iS to £ 12. The cattle derartment was not stocked so well as usual and, owing to the d ought and comparative scarcity J" of "rass thioughout the kingdom would-be buyers were loth to purchase. A few of the hest two-year- old-sterrs sold at E 12 each, but two-y, ar-el I barr. n heifers commanded a little higher price, viz., from £ 10 to £ 1-3. Yearlings, winch were not in request, were bought at t6 to C8. A great number of cows with calves went at £ 9 to :Cl f. There was nothing telling in fat beasts, except bulls, at 5d per lb. The wool and flannel d partmeut wes fully stocked, but the demand was very slow, especially for llannel. The quotations were: -Bect wool 10.1 to ] 01, ri per lb; cousc wool, Ià to lOd flannel shirting, 10.1 to Is dress stufR 13d to Ud and suitings, 2s 91 to per yard. The pleasure fair was largely patronised.

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