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! ! Eisteddfod at Llandovery.



Carmarthen Bankruptcy Court.


--Laugliarnc Notes.


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r" Infirmary Saturday." .1


Infirmary Saturday." .1 A in(etit g was held at the Inifrmary 0.1 Thursday offcrnoon, the 28th May, to make arrangements for this year's Ii linnary Saturday" collection?. The Rev T R v,'alters, vicar of St. David's, presided, and there vc,,e p: csei) t 'J G B own. m:8 Woodman, Mrs T R Walters, Mrs E C-d-y Evans, Mrs W Isaac, Mrs David Evans, Mrs James John, the Misses Itichard3 (Picton-terrace), Miss Olive, Miss -!ones, Miss Jenes (8. Quay-street), and the Secic-tary of the Infirmary (Mr B Spivey). The C'i.airmar, at the outset, alluded to the very successful rc'aul* of the crdlertiens last year, and expressed to the ladies the heaity thanks of the House Committee for tiiedr acti*e exertions. Hs hoped that a similar result miglrt the attained this year. The Secretary announced that promises of assistance hid been received from Mr II Brunei W bite, Mrs T E Bri,t 'rk", Mr3 Marsden, Mis Roberts (1, Parade), Mrs r W Barker, Miss G M E White, Miss Llovd (Penvbank), Miss E A Bsrker, the Mis&es Litimc-r Jones, the Misses Bowm ('.he Junction), and that piactieaily all the ladies who took part last year had consented to do so again, the withdrawal being these of lseliea %%Lo woull te away from home on the 2Cth June, the date selected for the collection in Carmarthen. The town and neighbourhood were dhided into districts for canvassing, and various improvements suggested by the experience gained laet you were made in the arrangements. The movement has been very warm;r taken upf not only in Carmarthen, but h vaiious ccntres throughout the county. It is not found possible to have the whole of tin collections on the same day, and when the arrangements are completed in the elifferent di5trict. particulars (If thom will] be announccel.

LlaDdilo Urban District Council.